Lead Consultant Contractor License

The Lead Consultant Contractor License is for companies that perform lead hazard reduction consultation work. You must utilize Connecticut Department of Public Health certified lead inspectors, lead inspector risk assessors and/or lead planner-project designers.


Application for a Lead Consultant Contractor license is now done online - Instructions to apply for a license online


The following documents will need to be uploaded to the eLicensing system to complete your application. Please have these on the device you are using to apply for a license:

  1. Proof of filing of organization papers with the Connecticut Secretary of the State (SOTS). Your business must be registered with SOTS and have a business ID number.
    • Secretary of the State of Connecticut's Business Services Division - Forms
  2. A document indicating the number of personnel of each job category:         
    • For Lead Consultant Contractor - Lead Inspector, Lead Inspector Risk Assessor, Lead Planner Project Designer, Other (e.g., Administrative)
  3. A list of equipment or an explanation for not owning equipment
  4. Copies of lead credential held in other states (if applicable)
  5. If you are a sole proprietor, then you are required to be credentialed as both a company and in the specific discipline that governs the service you provide (i.e. Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor or Planner-Project Designer). Documentation must be provided. 


Please review the General Licensing Policies.