Connecticut Lead Paint Statutes and Regulations

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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention General Statutes
Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants Housing Assistance Day Care Protocol 
Lead Abatement General Statutes Health and Safety Standards in Rented Dwelling Health Insurance HUD Regulations
Relocation Assistance Act Housing, Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Regulations DPH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Regulations  
School Health and Sanitation Regulations Lead Clean Up Standards  

Connecticut General Statutes

Title 19a-Chapter 368a -- Department of Public Health

 Title 20-Chapter 400c -- Lead Abatement Consultants, Contractors and Workers.

Title 8-Chapter 135 -- Department of Housing: Uniform Relocation Assistance Act.

Title 47a-Chapter 830 -- Rights and Responsibilities of Landlord and Tenant.

Title 47a-Chapter 833a -- Public Enforcement of Health and Safety Standards in Tenement and Boarding Houses, and in Rented Dwellings.


Title 8-Chapter 133 -- Housing, Redevelopment and Urban Renewal and Human Resource Development Programs.

Title 10-Chapter 169 -- School Health and Sanitation.

Title 17b-Chapter 319uu -- Housing Assistance.

Title 38a-Chapter 700c – Health Insurance.

Connecticut DPH Regulations 

Lead Clearance Standards for Paint, Dust and Soil 

DPH, EPA and HUD Lead Clearance Standards

Child Day Care Protocol

HUD Regulations 

CT School Health and Sanitation
CT School Health and Sanitation