COVID-19 Community Levels Map Update, September 30, 2022:The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed New Haven, Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, Hartford, Tolland, and Windham Counties in the Medium/Yellow category as part of its COVID-19 Community Levels Map. New London County is listed in the Low/Green categories. Visit the CDC COVID-19 Community Levels Map for updates.

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When to request a Workplace Hazard Assessment


You are an employer, employee union representative, or a physician treating an worker and

  • You are concerned about exposure to an agent or working condition that may or may not be regulated by OSHA.
  • Employees have an illness from an unknown cause.
  • Employees experience adverse health effects from exposure to a regulated or unregulated agent or working condition, even though the permissible exposure limit is not being exceeded.
  • The incidence of a particular disease or injury is higher than expected in a group of employees.
  • There is exposure to a new or previously unrecognized hazard or a hazard that seems to result from the combined effects of several agents.
  • You would like a general assessment of the health and safety of your working environment or a specific assessment of one or more components of your workplace operations.

 When to request help from the OSHA Consultation Program


 You are an employer and you want

  • Recommendations or options for becoming compliant with OSHA safety and health standards without the issuance of citations, penalties, or fines.
  • Assistance in developing or maintaining an OSHA-compliant safety and health program.
  • Employee exposure monitoring or other environmental sampling.
  • Indoor environmental quality surveys of an office setting or school.
  • Instructions for the correction of hazards identified by the consultant(s) to the level required by OSHA standards.
  • Information on compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements.


When to file a complaint with OSHA


 You are an employee and you want

  • Immediate enforcement of OSHA standards by a regulatory agency.
  • Your employer to comply with existing health and safety standards.
  • Further protection from a well recognized hazard for which an OSHA standard exists.
  • To report an employer who has taken action against you for raising health and safety concerns.