September 10, 2013 is National Protect Your Groundwater Day. Sponsored by the National Groundwater Association, the purpose of the day is to educate members of the public about what they can do to preserve and protect groundwater to meet human and environmental needs. Everyone can and should do something to protect groundwater. Whether you realize it or not, we all have a stake in the protection of our groundwater. Protection of groundwater is not only important to household well owners who rely on privately owned water wells for safe drinking water, but also for those on public water systems whose daily habits have an impact on groundwater quality. Many public water systems draw all or part of their supply from groundwater, so protecting the resource, protects the public water supply.
Part of being a good groundwater steward is using less water. To find out more about how much water your lifestyle actually requires and what you can do to conserve, visit these links: