The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies section 19-13-B102(h)(4) establishes that public water systems are required to submit the results of required samples in a format and manner prescribed by the department. The Department has prescribed that the results of all samples must be submitted electronically as outlined below not later than 9 calendar days after the end of each month during which the samples were collected.

Effective December 1, 2016, Connecticut will begin transitioning all reporters from the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process to the Compliance Monitoring Data Portal.

Compliance Monitoring Portal (CMDP) 

The CMDP is an online reporting application that that allows certified laboratories and public water systems to report compliance monitoring data directly to the Drinking Water Section. The CMDP is maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is available in two versions: Pre-Production (Testing) and Production (Compliance).

EPA has established the CMDP Help Center ( to provide training materials and a Knowledge Base to assist all CMDP users. All reporters are encouraged to visit the CMDP Help Center to become familiar with the CMDP Role Registration User Guide and the CMDP User Manual prior to requesting access to the application.

Registering for CMDP Pre-Production


The Pre-Production environment allows reporters to get familiar with the CMDP and serves as a testing environment. All reporters must register to use CMDP Pre-Production and complete the recommended testing prior to receiving approval to report compliance data through CMDP Production. Section 2.3 of the CMDP Registration User Guide, available in the CMDP Help Center, provides a step by step registration sequence for Laboratory (Lab) and Public Water System (PWS) Administrators. All Lab and PWS Administrators must be approved by a State CMDP Administrator prior to accessing the CMDP. Lab and PWS Administrators will then be able to approve additional CMDP users for their organizations following Section 2.4 of the CMDP Registration User Guide.

To begin the registration process, all users must request access through EPA CROMERR Shared Services (SCS): . PLEASE NOTE: You must select a new username if you participated as a Pilot Tester during CMDP development.


Registering for CMDP Production


Upon successfully testing and demonstrating that accurate compliance monitoring data can be reported using CMDP Pre-Production, Lab and PWS Administrators will be invited to request access to CMDP Production. All reporters will follow the same process to register for CMDP Production by creating a new set of credentials and requesting access to the production application. The Lab or PWS Administrator will then coordinate with a State CMDP Administrator to establish a final date to switch from EDI reporting to reporting through CMDP Production.



CMDP Reporting Options


The CMDP offers operationally flexibility by providing a number of options for reporting compliance data to the DWS. Reporters can use any use any of the following combination of methods to report the data:

  • XML File Uploads – XML files can be generated by a reporter and manually uploaded into the CMDP. Information related to the structure and requirements of the CMDP XML Schema is available in the Sample Data Dictionary in the CMDP Help Center
  • Online Data Entry (Web Forms) – Reporters can enter compliance data into online forms and submit the data through the CMDP. Use of the Online Data Entry forms is documented in the CMDP User Manual in the CMDP Help Center
  • Offline Excel Templates – Reporters can enter compliance data into Excel worksheets and generate a properly formed XML for upload into the CMDP. The latest Excel worksheets can be downloaded directly from the CMDP and the CMDP Help Center.
  • Web Services – XML files can be generated by a reporter and be automatically uploaded into the CMDP using Web Services. Information related to the CMDP XML Schema and the use of Web Services is available in the Sample Data Dictionary and the CMDP-LIMS Interface Control Document in the CMDP Help Center.

CMDP State Administrators


Contact the following CMDP Administrators if you have any questions or need assistance:

Robert Baran

Christopher Roy


Reference Materials

Analyte Code Changes


In order to begin the transition to the CMDP, the DWS was required to eliminate all state-defined analyte codes. These analyte code changes are effective January 1, 2017 and published monitoring schedules will reflect these changes where appropriate. All samples collected on or after January 1, 2017 and analyzed for these parameters must be reported using the new codes in the table below.



(before 1/1/2017)

(starting 1/1/2017)

Analyte Name

Analyte Code

Analyte Name

Analyte Code

Distribution Color




Raw Water Color


Distribution Turbidity




Raw Water Turbidity


Distribution pH




Distribution Odor




Raw Water E. coli


E. coli




Monthly Operating Reports (MORs)


Monthly Operating Reports (MORs), such as Treatment Effluent Logs, Surface Water Treatment Packages and Ground Water Rule Residual Disinfectant Compliance Monitoring reports, must be reported on the forms provided . In order for the Department to efficiently review and process the data in these reports, only one treatment facility per compliance period should be included in each report. In addition, do not divide each page of the Surface Water Treatment Package into separate files.


All files should be named so they can be easily identified as follows:



Treatment Logs:                 CTXXXXXXX_WSFID_MONTHYEAR







Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the files being rejected and returned for correction.


All MORs must be emailed to for processing.


Instructions for submitting Surface Water Reports and Ground Water Compliance Monitoring Reports through the CMDP will be provided in the future.



Laboratories with Electronic Reporting Capabilities

Laboratories that are currently submitting water quality data to the DWS in the approved format can be found below. This is not an endorsement of any of the laboratories and is for informational purposes only.

Lab Address Phone
Aqua Environmental Lab  56 Church Hill Road Newtown, CT 06470 (203) 270-9973
Aquatek Lab, Inc. 3 Research Drive  Woodbridge, CT 06525 (203) 389-1824
Environmental Consulting Laboratories, Inc. 1005 Boston Post Road Madison, CT 06443 (800) 246-9624
Environmental Monitoring Lab, Inc. 59 N. Plains Industrial Road Wallingford, CT 06492  (203) 284-0555
EnviroTech Laboratory 77 Cook Hill Road Windsor, CT 06095  (860) 688-7429
Fallon Water Analysis 84 Walbridge Hill Road Tolland, CT 06084 (860) 871-2529
Hydro-Technologies 62 Bank Street New Milford, CT 06776 (860) 355-8773
Northeast Laboratories, Inc. 129 Mill Street Berlin, CT 06037 (860) 828-9787
Northwest Environmental Labs, Inc. 900 Main Street Oakville, CT 06779 (860) 274-5445
KB Analytical,LLC 15 Lakewood Dr. Unit #9 Oakdale, CT 06370 (860) 442-4080
Phoenix Environmental Laboratories, Inc 587 East Middle Turnpike Manchester, CT 06040 (860) 645-1102
Premier Laboratory, LLC 61 Louisa Viens Drive Dayville, CT 06241 (800) 334-0103
Regional Water Authority 90 Sargent Drive New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 401-2700
Eurofins Spectrum Analytical, Inc. 11 Almgren Drive Agawam, MA 01001 (800) 789-9115
Valid Labs, Inc. 295 Silver Street Agawam, MA 01001 (413) 789-2206