Fifth Report to Congress

Every four years since 1999, the EPA sponsors a Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey evaluating the drinking water infrastructure capital improvement needs of the country and each state over the next 20 years. The results of these surveys are used by the EPA to determine the percentage of the DWSRF appropriation that each State will receive.
The 2011 (Fifth) Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey showed that Connecticut’s estimated need had grown from $1.394 billion in 2007 to $3.587 billion in 2011.
The breakdown of these needs was as follows:
  1. Transmission and Distribution $2.584 billion
  2. Treatment $545.1 million
  3. Storage $267.3 million
  4. Source $146.6 million
  5. Other $35.0 million
The American Society of Civil Engineers has also reviewed the nation’s infrastructure and published a “Report Card” grading the various types. Drinking water received an overall grade of “D”.  Connecticut’s information in this report card was based on the 2007 needs survey results.