DWSRF Generator and Small Loan Program

Some projects may be eligible for funding from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). DWSRF is the Section’s low interest loan program. Community public water systems and non-profit non-community public water systems are eligible to apply for and receive a loan from the DWSRF The DWSRF offers loans terms up to 20 years on loans over $100,000 and shorter term loans for lower cost projects. DWSRF interest rates are approximately half of market rate but no lower than 2%. Subsidized loans may be available to small public water systems serving fewer than 10,000 persons and to larger public water systems located in distressed communities. Eligible public water systems may apply for a DWSRF loan at any time but all new applications are required to undergo a public review process and be ready to proceed in order to qualify for funding.

Small community water systems are eligible to apply for funding for new generator systems through the DWSRF. The DWSRF currently provides a subsidized low-interest loans (up to 45% subsidy) with terms ranging from 3-20 years depending on the cost of the generator system. Subsidy rates are determined annually and may vary from the current rates in the next DWSRF funding cycle.

Within the DWSRF, a Small Loan Program is available for obtaining loans under $100,000 with streamlined procedures for projects that do not include the construction of new facilities, existing building alterations/additions, or the use of heavy equipment for site work. The Small Loan Program can be used for projects that eliminate hydropneumatic tanks and replace them with variable frequency drive pumping systems, or other non-construction infrastructure projects such as optimal corrosion control treatment installation. The Small Loan Program is only available for projects that and where the hydropneumatic tank can be abandoned in place without removal.

For more information on these loan programs please visit the Drinking Water Section’s DWSRF Website or contact a representative from the DWSRF Program at (860) 509-7333.