DPH/EFCN Small Community Capacity Webinar Series for CT PWSs

DPH has partnered with the Environmental Finance Center Network, a university-based organization that helps PWSs with issues such as asset management and rate setting to water loss detection and conservation, through training and technical assistance. The four part webinar series was designed to review common problems facing small community water systems, educate and provide solutions to prepare PWS to meet the new statutory requirements for preparing fiscal and asset management plans including the prioritized hydropneumatic tank assessment and unaccounted for water.

1. Asset Management For Small Systems: Improving Your System and Meeting New Regulations

2. Water System Revenue and Funding Programs

3. Regionalization as Consideration for Small System Sustainability

4. Managing Your Water System Under Pressure: New Requirements for Hydropneumatic Tanks and Water Loss

EFCN is also working with DPH DWS to post the recorded webinars on the CTtrain website.