NHHS ProjectWise Resources 

The purpose of this website is to provide users with specific program related resources for the use ProjectWise and PB's SharePoint Site for the NHHS Program specifically related to the Design Phase.  This site will be updated periodically.
For questions related to ProjectWise use on the NHHS Program please contact:
Eric S. Bergeron, (860)594-3152
Updated - Frequently Asked Questions (Link to Document)
Document Attributing for the NHHS Program (Link to Document) - This document assists users with attributing specific types of documents and engineering data related to the program.
Updated- Document Attributing Table (Link to Table) - This document assists users understand the codes related to assigning attributes to documents.  Print out this document for easy reference to what document attributing codes are described as.
New - Design Submittals - Document Control Process (Link to Document) - The purpose of this document is to provide clarity to the document control process and applications used for reviewing and submitting preliminary/final design submittals electronically in the NHHS Program.       
Survey Protocol (Link to Document) - This document assists the office of surveys with protocol for using ProjectWise and communication requirements with the NHHS Program Manager for loading documents and performing revisions to corridor related survey.
ProjectWise Searching Tips (Link to Document) - This document assists users with specific searching options that can be used on the NHHS Program.