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Connecticut Opportunity Map- The Indicators Behind the Ratings

This map of Connecticut includes information about neighborhood indicators - including things like educational attainment levels, homeownership percentages, and employment rates - that affect the lives of the people living in those areas. This approach to mapping communities was pioneered by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University.

The purpose of mapping neighborhoods on the basis of these indicators is to illustrate the location of communities which have some or all of the characteristics that have been linked to educational, economic and social success and to evaluate who has access to those communities. Conversely, this mapping can help us better understand where and how to invest resources to ensure that all Connecticut communities can provide residents a foundation for success.

It should be notes that this mapping relies on a specific, non-comprehensive, set of indicators to provide one type of analysis of Connecticut communities and the opportunities they provide. This analysis does not consider, for example, the wide-ranging experiences of individuals living within any given community or the opportunities that may exist for those individuals as a result of variety of factors not considered here.

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