Swine, Garbage Feeder License

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Sec. 22-320c. Registration. No person shall feed garbage to swine on any premises unless such premises have been registered with the department. Upon receipt of an application for registration on a form provided by the department, which application shall be accompanied by a registration fee of fifteen dollars, unless the applicant is the state or any political subdivision thereof, the department shall send an authorized representative familiar with equipment used to cook garbage on swine farms to inspect the premises where the applicant desires to conduct garbage cooking. If such representative finds that such premises cannot be approved under sections 22-320a to 22-320h, inclusive, and regulations promulgated thereunder, he shall notify the applicant wherein he fails to comply. If, within a reasonable time thereafter, to be fixed by the department, the specified defects are remedied, the department shall make a second inspection and proceed therewith as in the case of the original inspection. No registration granted under this section shall be transferable by the registrant and each registration shall apply to only one place of business, which shall be specified in the registration. There shall be only one registrant for each place of business. No registration shall be issued by the department to conduct a garbage-feeding swine farm, nor shall any place be used for that purpose, unless the department is satisfied that all regulations of the department will be complied with and that all garbage fed to swine will be satisfactorily treated as required by section 22-320b.

      (1959, P.A. 638, S. 3; February, 1965, P.A. 174, S. 1.)

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