Registration of Commercial Feed, Animal Food and Pet Treat Manufacturing Facilities


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Sec. 22-118l. Registration of commercial feed manufacturers and sellers. Suspension, revocation, cancellation or refusal of registration. Fines. Appeals.

(a) Any person who manufactures commercial feed in this state and who offers such commercial feed for sale shall register with the Commissioner of Agriculture on forms and in a manner prescribed by the commissioner. Commercial feed manufacturing facilities with gross sales of less than twenty-five thousand dollars per year from the sale of commercial feed shall be exempt from the provisions of this section and section 22-118r, except that the commissioner or the commissioner's designated agent may investigate any allegation of adulteration, misbranding, illness or injury relating to such commercial feed upon receipt of a written complaint provided the complainant is identified in such complaint. Each commercial feed manufacturing facility registration shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year and may be renewed during the month of December. Until such time as regulations are adopted pursuant to section 22-118q to change the annual fee for such registration, the annual fee charged for registration of a commercial feed manufacturing facility employing less than five full-time staff shall be fifty dollars and for any such facility employing five or more full-time staff such annual registration fee shall be one hundred dollars….

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Agricultural Commodities Unit
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