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Fruit Storage, Controlled Atmosphere Registration
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Sec. 22-39b. Registration. (a) Any person owning or operating a controlled atmosphere room or storage building or packers or repackers of fruit subject to section 22-39a shall register with the Commissioner of Agriculture on a form prescribed by said commissioner. The registration period shall commence on August first and end on July thirty-first of each year. Owners or operators of such a room or storage building shall be required to register during a period commencing on August first and ending no later than October first of each year, beginning with the year 1963.

      (b) The Commissioner of Agriculture shall assign each approved registrant a registration number preceded by the letters "CONN. C.A." This number shall be clearly marked on all containers subject to section 22-39a and shall be in accordance with all provisions of law pertaining to markings for fruit.

      (c) Repacked containers shall bear only the "CONN. C.A." number assigned, under the provisions of this section, to the repacker. The invoice rendered by the repacker concerning the repacked fruit shall bear not only the registration number of the repacker but also the "CONN. C.A." number of the controlled atmosphere storage where the fruit was stored.

 (1963, P.A. 72, S. 2; 1971, P.A. 872, S. 446, 448; June 30 Sp. Sess. P.A. 03-6, S. 146(e); P.A. 04-189, S. 1.)

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