Veterinarian, Animal Population Control Program (APCP) Participation Certificate

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Application Form

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Sec. 22-380h. Animal population control program: Participating veterinarians. Requirements. (a) Any veterinarian licensed pursuant to section 20-199 may file with the commissioner, on forms provided by the commissioner, an application to become a participating veterinarian in the program.

      (b) In order to be certified by the commissioner as a participating veterinarian, the veterinarian shall: (1) Perform all spay and neuter surgical procedures in a veterinary hospital facility or mobile clinic equipped for such procedures located in this state that meets the standards set forth in regulations adopted by the commissioner, as provided in section 20-196; (2) make all records pertaining to care provided, work done and fees received for or in connection with the program available for inspection by the commissioner or the commissioner's designee; (3) maintain records in accordance with regulations adopted under section 19a-14; and (4) hold a currently valid license to practice veterinary medicine in this state issued by the Department of Public Health.

      (c) Any licensed veterinarian of this state may be certified by the commissioner as a participating veterinarian unless the commissioner disqualifies such veterinarian. The commissioner may disqualify a veterinarian if such veterinarian has been found in violation of any provision of sections 22-380e to 22-380m, inclusive, or any laws relating to the practice of veterinary medicine. Any veterinarian disqualified or otherwise denied participation in the program may appeal, within ten days of receipt of a notice of such disqualification or denial, to the commissioner who shall hold a hearing to consider such appeal, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54.

      (d) Complaints received by the commissioner or the commissioner's designee regarding services provided by participating veterinarians shall be referred to the Board of Veterinary Medicine of the Department of Public Health.

      (P.A. 92-187, S. 4, 10; P.A. 01-87, S. 4; 01-195, S. 174, 175; 01-204, S. 10, 29; June Sp. Sess. P.A. 01-9, S. 73, 131.)

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