Public Act 490 Land Values - table version

2015 Recommended Land Use Values

Effective October 1, 2015

2015 values (downloable .pdf)  



River Valley

Tillable A



Tillable B



Tillable C



Tillable D



Orchard E



Pasture F



Swamp/Ledge/Scrub G



Woodland/Forest Land



Land Classifications:

Tillable A – Excellent.  Light, well drained, sandy loams, typically flat or level, no stones. 

   (Shade tobacco, nursery, some cropland)

Tillable B – Very Good.  Light, well drained, sandy loams, typically level to slightly rolling, may have some stones. 

   (Binder tobacco, vegetables, potatoes, some cropland)

Tillable C – Very Good to Good.  Quite level.  Moderate heavier soils, level to rolling, may have stones. 

    (Corn silage, hay, vegetables, potatoes, cropland)

Tillable D – Good to Fair.  Heavier soils, maybe sloped and hilly, stones and seasonal wetness may be limiting factors.  Moderate to considerable slope. 

   (Hay, corn silage, rotation pasture, cropland)

Orchard – Fruit orchard.  May include grapes and berries.

Pasture – Permanent Pasture, unmanaged pasture, not tilled, grazing.  May be heavier soils too wet or stony to till for crops, may be wooded area, Xmas trees.

Swamp/Ledge/Scrub Lands – Wetlands, ledge outcroppings.  Non-farmable areas that also make up the farm unit.

Woodland, Forest – Forestland associated with the farm unit.  Non-farmable areas that also make up the farm unit.

River Valley Municipalities

Bloomfield Glastonbury South Windsor
Cromwell Granby Suffield
East Granby Manchester Vernon
East Hartford Portland West Hartford
East Windsor Rocky Hill Wethersfield
Ellington Simsbury Windsor
Enfield Somers Windsor Locks