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April 30, 2019 Agenda
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The meeting of the Board on July 25, 2018  has been canceled.
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January 15, 2015 DRAFT Minutes - no quorum was reached.
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Sec. 22-131. Milk Regulation Board. (a) In accordance with section 4-9a, the Governor, with the advice and consent of either house of the General Assembly, shall appoint eight electors of the state, two of whom are actively engaged in the sale and distribution of milk, two of whom are actively engaged in the processing of milk, two of whom have no active or financial interest in the production or sale of milk, and two of whom are actively engaged in the production of milk, which eight electors, with the Commissioner of Public Health, or the commissioner's designee, and the Commissioner of Agriculture, shall constitute the Milk Regulation Board. The Governor, for cause, after a public hearing, may remove any appointed member of the board.
      (b) The Milk Regulation Board shall keep a record of all its proceedings. The Commissioner of Agriculture shall be the chairperson of the board, shall enforce the regulations established by the board and shall further administer any other duties prescribed by the board. The office of the Commissioner of Agriculture shall be the office of the board. Each of the eight members of the Milk Regulation Board appointed under the provisions of this section shall receive seventy-five dollars for each day the member attends a meeting of the board. The total payments to each member shall not exceed seven hundred fifty dollars each year, such payments to be made from the appropriations made for the Commissioner of Agriculture.
Sec. 22-132. Meetings of Milk Regulation Board. The Milk Regulation Board shall hold regular quarterly meetings in January, April, July and October. Special meetings may be called by the chairman. Upon request of any three members, the chairman or, in his absence or inability, the clerk shall call a special meeting of the board.