Current Owners of Preserved Farms

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This page is intended to provide resources for owners of preserved farms.



The Connecticut Department of Agriculture and its partners are responsible for stewarding the nearly 400 state-preserved farms in Connecticut. This includes farm visits, owner outreach, remote monitoring, and community initiative. We take this responsibility seriously to ensure compliance with our preservation deeds, but also to encourage farming through resources including Connecticut FarmLink and our Farmland Restoration Program. We seek to partner with the state's farmers and farm owners to preserve land and soil for agricultural use into the future. If you have questions or concerns regarding stewardship, please contact us using the information below.


Application to Construct:

All construction or impacts to soil on a preserved farm must be approved by the Department of Agriculture following receipt of an Application to Construct, which details the owner’s plans. Individual PDR deeds contain limits to impacts on prime soil, arable land, and/or overall acreage. The Application to Construct is sometimes used as a "catch-all" approval form for activities on a PDR property. To ensure compliance, if in doubt, submit the Application to Construct or contact us below!

Application to Construct (ATC):  Application to Construct - .pdf, 4 pgs.


Selling or transferring a preserved farm:

A seller must notify the Connecticut Department of Agriculture no more than 90 days before an impending sale or transfer of the property. This allows us to update our contact information for stewardship purposes and ensure new owners understand the specifics of their PDR deed.


Find a Farmer:

Connecticut FarmLink was developed by Connecticut Farmland Trust in partnership with the Department of Agriculture. We recommend farmers and landowners alike utilize this clearinghouse to assist in keeping and getting agricultural land in production. Farm owners and farm seekers should visit for more information.



Additional Resources:


For more information contact:

Farmland Preservation Program

Connecticut Dept. of Agriculture

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 703

Hartford CT 06103

Phone:  860.713.2511