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Current Projects:
Pachaug Dam
Pachaug Pond Dam

Project includes: partial concrete encasement of existing spillway, new low level drawdown structure with associated piping, earthwork associated with increasing height of dam, articulated block overtopping protection of embankment, riprap erosion protection on upstream embankment, new timber boardwalk fishing platform, new precast concrete boat ramp, miscellaneous demolition and masonry repairs.  Contract also includes replacement of wooden stop logs with aluminum stop logs at  Lake Beseck dam in Middlefield.

The Pachaug Pond Dam Renovation Project is continuing on schedule with the pouring of the last section of the new spillway on 03/23/22.  The contractor is on schedule to complete the project by the target date of 07/31/2022.  With the work through the winter there have been no delays.  The new spillway and gatehouse are nearing completion with the backfilling of the new gate structure and training wall ongoing.  Work on the right side of the dam with the cabled concrete will commence in April.  The boat launch work will follow as will the installation of the new downstream fishing pier.  The drawdown will be reduced from 4 feet to 3 feet starting 04/01/2022.  

Pachaug Pond - Contract Drawings

Pachaug Pond Dam Public Meeting Video

Aerial Overview

Pachaug Pond Aerial View  Pachaug Pond Aerial View

Spillway Construction

Pachaug Pond Spillway Construction 

Outlet Structure

Pachaug Pond Outlet Structure


Upper Bolton Lake Dam
Upper Bolton Lake Dam

The project consists of construction of a new reinforced concrete spillway structure at the upstream end of the outlet pipes. The spillway will have a trash rack to prevent debris from clogging the outlet pipes. A chamber with a low level outlet will be constructed at the left end of the spillway. The low level outlet will be controlled by a slide gate which will allow the Upper Bolton Lake to remain full or be lowered up to two feet when the Middle Bolton Lake is lowered.

Upper Bolton Dam-Contract Book

Upper Bolton Dam-Contract Drawings

Tingue Dam

Tingue Dam

Work includes: removal of previously placed rock bed material from the bypass channel, construction of four concrete weirs, and replacement of bed materials. Additionally, a metal sluice gate will be added to the existing upstream flow structure to assist in gate operation and the rate of flow into the bypass channel. Finally, a small amount of accumulated sediment (less than 5 cubic yards) on the upstream side of the bypass flow structure will be removed. This project will allow fish passage beyond the dam, opening up 30 miles of riverine habitat to migrating fish. 

Tingue Dam-Bypass Channel Modifications

Tingue Dam-Bid Tabulation  

Pine Acres Lake Dam

Pine Acres Lake Dam

The work to be performed generally includes but is not limited to: the placement of supplemental riprap on the upstream slope of the dam, re-gradation of the crest of dam to a uniform elevation, re-gradation of the downstream slope and the installation of turf reinforced mats on this embankment for overtopping protection, concrete repairs to the primary spillway; replacement of the bridges spanning the primary and auxiliary spillways, installation of a new trash rack at the upstream side of the primary spillway, replacement of the low level outlet gate, replacement of existing wood stop logs with new aluminum stop logs, replacement of the existing weir and training walls at the auxiliary spillway with concrete weir and training walls, installment of a toe drain system, and clear trees on and within 25 feet of the dam.

The walking trail across the Pine Acres Dam will be closed during construction.

Pine Acres-Bidding Packet

Auxiliary Spillway Construction

 Pine Acres Construction Site   Pine Acres Construction Site  


Upper Slater Pond Dam    Lower Slater Pond Dam

Crystal Lake Dam



Norwalk River Dam No. 2 Rehabilitation Project

Completed Projects:
Bashan Lake Dam  Mono Pond Dam

Glasgo Pond Dam  Springbron Dam  Savin Lake Dam


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