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Revisions to the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Regulations
The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) required that states receiving federal funding enact certain requirements and meet certain guidelines by specified dates.  Among these requirements and guidelines are Secondary Containment requirements and Operator Training requirements.
In compliance with the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct), DEEP has passed and is now implementing amendments to the existing UST Regulations.  The amendments include Secondary Containment requirements and Operator Training requirements and highlights of these requirements are as follows: 
Secondary Containment
  • new UST systems need an under-dispenser spill containment sump with leak detection;
  • new piping sumps must meet certain requirements specified for new piping containment sumps;
  • if replacing a certain percentage of piping associated with a UST system, must meet the requirements for a new under-dispenser containment sump;
  • if replacing dispenser or a certain percentage of transitional components, the requirements for new under-dispenser containment sumps must be met;
  • prior to operating any newly installed double-walled UST system, testing must be conducted to detect any loss of liquids from any part of the system and then re-tested on a specified schedule thereafter; 
  • testing must be performed prior to operation of new piping containment sump or new under-dispenser containment;
  • test results must be maintained in the same manner as other tests for UST systems;
  • in the event of an alarm/sensor indicated liquid in the sump, must immediately investigate, take corrective measures, and manage and dispose of wastes appropriately; and
  • removing and/or disabling alarms or sensors is prohibited.
Operator Training
  • Class A, B, & C operators defined;
  • response guidelines covering all information and procedures necessary to address an emergency, including emergency contact information, must be posted at the facility;
  • monthly system inspections must be conducted and recorded;
  • training programs for operators must be approved by DEEP or be a specified acceptable alternative;
  • retraining requirements would apply under specified circumstances; and
  • possible revocation of DEEP approval of training programs under specified circumstances.
Content last updated June 12, 2012