Operator Training Notice

In compliance with the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct), DEEP has passed and is now implementing amendments to the existing UST Regulations, May 31, 2012. The amendment included Operator Training requirements per RCSA 22a-449(d)-108.  Highlights of these requirements are as follows:   
All existing facilities with in-use and/or temporarily closed USTs must:
  • Designate Class A, Class B and Class C Operators who have been trained and are currently certified in accordance with an approved training course in the operation and maintenance of the UST systems and emergency response to any releases or suspected releases from UST systems;
    • The Class A Operator has primary statutory and regulatory responsibility to operate and maintain the underground storage tank system.  The Class A Operator's responsibilities include managing resources and personnel, such as establishing work assignments, to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • The Class B Operator implements applicable underground storage tank regulatory requirements in the field.  This individual implements day-to-day aspects of operating, maintaining, and recordkeeping for underground storage tanks at one or more facilities.
    • The Class C Operator is an employee and is, generally, the first line of response to events indicating emergency conditions.  This individual is responsible for responding to alarms or other indications of emergencies caused by spills or releases from underground storage tank systems.  This individual notifies the Class B or Class A operator and appropriate emergency responders when necessary.  Not all employees of the facility are necessarily Class C operators.
  • Post information regarding all Class C Operators assigned to the facility including the names of each designated Class C Operator, the name of the approved training for certification or the name of the Class A or Class B Operator who trained the Class C Operator and the training and certification dates and expiration along with the most recent date of training;
  • Post written operator response guidelines including reporting procedures for releases and suspected releases, emergency contract numbers, malfunctioning equipment lock-out and notification procedures, and initial mitigation protocol for releases, suspected releases and emergencies;
  • Perform monthly system inspections conducted by or under the direction of a Class A or Class B Operator.  UST Monthly Visual Inspection Report (fillable Word) (PDF
Operator training questions may be directed to the UST Enforcement Unit at 860-424-3374.


Content last updated September 2019