Archived Municipal Recycling Coordinators E-News and Webinars

Monthly online newsletters began in 2017 in an effort to increase communication with municipal recycling coordinators and voluntary recycling and sustainability committees about important information and resources. Around the same time, DEEP began to recognize the need for more professional development as well as sharing of local programs and initiatives between towns. Initially webinars were not recorded, so there are no recordings. Where possible, audio recordings with audio transcripts are provided. Archived E-Newsletters are topical, and provide resources and information of interest to local municipalities. 

Past webinars/workshops



Speakers: State Rep. Bill Pizzuto

Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP


Speakers: Coryanne Mansell, CET Brent Madho, CT DEEP Doug Colter, City of West Haven Leah Retherford & Jim Davis, Atlas Organics Dave Aldridge, SCRRRA Kat McCarthy, CET Brian Bartram, Towns of Salisbury / Sharon Kim O’Rourke, City of Middletown Julie DesChamps, Waste Free Greenwich


Speakers: Jim Hyde, USDA NRCS
Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth
Jessica Stone, Cold Spring Farm
David Newman, Arthurs Point Farm
Huijie Gan, Post-Doc, UConn, Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
Monique, Student, UConn

Speakers: Chelsey Hahn, CT DEEP              Dawn Pettinelli, UConn Soil Nutrient Analysis Lab              Robert J. Rafka, Ph.D., FRSC, Chemistry Teacher, Fitch High, Groton & Retired Pfizer Chemist 




Portland’s Deconstruction Ordinance – FAQs, Code and Administrative Rules
Earth Advantage’s Safe + Sustainable Site Certification Program – Great infographic and description of the benefits of deconstruction

Deconstruction vs Demolition - Carbon and energy impacts from deconstructed homes in Portland, March 2019

The Economics of Residential Building Deconstruction in Portland, OR 

Deconstruction in Portland: Summary of Activity

City of Lake Oswego, OR Demolition Tax Article (mentioned by Shawn Wood during the presentation)


  Sample Food Waste Collection RFP from City of Middletown 

Food Scrap Recycling Guide, Town of Darien 

Food Scrap Pilot, Including a Video, Waste Free Greenwich



      Middletown’s Registration Packet 
                     Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority Hauler Registration & Resources

  • Farm Composting: Case Studies/Updates
    CT Compost Conference Webinar Series (Partnership of CRC&D, CT NOFA, CT DEEP and others)
    October 28, 2020
    Speakers:  Joe Wetteman, CT DEEP Water Permitting and Enforcement Division
      James Hyde, USDA NRCS
      Brian Jerose, Agrilab Technologies
      Dr. Candace Benyei, Whimsy Brook Farm
      Mike Carignan, Agresource, Inc
  • Composting: Feedstocks, Equipment, Siting, Infrastructure & Management
    CT Compost Conference Webinar Series (Partnership of CRC&D, CT NOFA, CT DEEP and others)
    October 7, 2020
    Speakers: Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth
                     Peter Moon, O2 Composting
                     Jim Hyde, USDA NRCS
  • Municipal Composting: Case Studies/Updates
    CT Compost Conference Webinar Series (Partnership of CRC&D, CT NOFA, CT DEEP and others)
    September 9, 2020
    Speakers: Coryanne Mansell, Center for EcoTechnology
         Athena Lee Bradley, Windham Solid Waste Management District, Brattleboro, VT
     Doug Colter, City of West Haven
     Jennifer Heaton-Jones, HRRA
     Dave Aldridge, SCRRRA
  • Different Scales of Composting: From Municipalities to Farms 
    CT Compost Conference Webinar Series (Partnership of CRC&D, CT NOFA, CT DEEP and others)
    August 26, 2020
    Speakers: Robert Isner, CT DEEP
     James McSweeney, Compost Technical Services
     Coryanne Mansell, Center for EcoTechnology.

      Moderator & Host: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP

  • SMART Way to Reduce Trash, While Saving Money and the Environment
    June 11, 2020
    Speakers: Jennifer Weymouth, CT DEEP, Kristen Brown, Waste Zero, Alyssa Norwood, SustainableCT, and representatives of municipalities sharing their experiences implementing SMART programs.
    NOTE:  When you click on the link above, you will be asked to register for the webinar in order to view it.
  • Learn the Basics: EPR 101
    May 11, 2020
    Speaker: Reid Lifset, Yale University
    Facilitator: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • How to Collect Food Scraps for Composting and/or Anaerobic Digestion
    March 16, 2020
    Speakers: Caren Harder, CT DEEP
    Chris Field, WeCare Denali (formerly Harvest New England) 
    Scott Gustafson, Professional Sports Catering
    John Ferguson, Quantum BioPower
    Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • Changes to CT’s Organics Law: Are You in Compliance?
    February 24, 2020
    Speakers: Caren Harder, CT DEEP 
    Sergio Squatrito, Carla's Pasta 
    Coryanne Mansell, Center for EcoTechnology (CET) 
    Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • Preventing/Reducing Food Waste and Recovery Food for People
    January 27, 2020
    Speakers: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
    Max Mlinar, Phood, Inc.
    Lori Martin, Haven’s Harvest
    Michelle McCabe, FEED, The Council of Churches for Greater Bridgeport  
  • Connecticut’s New Universal List: What’s IN, What’s OUT
    October 23, 2017
    Speaker: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • CT WRAP: Trex Challenge, a school recycling project
    September 25, 2017Facilitator: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
    Speakers: Stephanie Hicks, Trex
    Jennifer Heaton-Jones, Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority
    Cathy Praissman, Team Leader
  • RecycleCT: What’s IN, What’s OUT for haulers and collectors
    July 12, 2017 
    Speaker: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • RecycleCT: What’s IN, What’s OUT for municipalities
    June 20, 2017
    Speaker: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • Statewide Recycling Marketing Campaign – Muni Info Session
    February 28, 2017
    Speaker: Sherill Baldwin, CT DEEP
  • Municipal Public Space Recycling
    February 15, 2017
    Speaker: Jennifer Weymouth, CT DEEP

Archived E-Newsletters

  • August 2022 - Full Coalition meeting, Funding Opportunity, DEI Listserv, and Upcoming Conferences and Webinars
  • June 2022 - CCSMM Full Coalition Meeting, Funding Opportunities, Miniature Fees, Upcoming Events 
  • May 2022 - EPA Feedback Sessions, Resources, Upcoming Events 
  • April 2022- Earth Day, Food Waste Challenge, Compost Tours, Community Composting Webinar Series & Upcoming Events
  • March 2022 – Business Recycling Assistance, Federal Funds and Upcoming Events


  • December 2021 – Five Cent Surcharge on Miniatures, RecycleCT Foundation Awards more than $150,000, School Funding Resources
  • September 2021 New SMM Grant Funding, Grant Info Session, Next Full Coalition meeting & September 2021 Addendum 
  • June/July 2021 – Bag Tax Becomes Ban, Compost Resources, Funding and Job Opportunities, RecycleCT launches new APP
  • May 2021  Deconstruction Learning Series, Funding Sources, New RecycleCT Resources
  • April 2021 – Lee Sawyer Grant RFP, School Resources, Upcoming Events
  • March 2021  – CCSMM, What’s up with WRAP, Learning Series, WIWO: Batteries
  • February 2021  – CCSMM, Funding Resources, Events, WIWO: Syringes/Sharps
  • January 2021  – CT Coalition for Sustainable Materials Management, Resources, Recordings, Webinars, WIWO: Anti-PPE Litter


  • September/October 2020 - CT Coalition for Sustainable Materials Management, CCM Workshops, Compost Webinar Series, WIWO: Cartons and Aseptic Packaging
  • August 2020Grants, Equity Resources, Compost Webinar Series, WIWO: Promoting Recycling Worker Safety
  • July 2020 - Grants, New Resources, Webinars, and WIWO Phase II.  WIWO:  Changes to WIWO List, black plastic containers are now OUT.
  • June 2020 - COVID-19, Grants and Procurement/Circular Economy Resources.  WIWO:  Packaging from Meal Delivery Services.
  • May 2020 - COVID-19, HHW Disposal Options in MA, Waste Reduction/Recycled Content Tools and Resources. WIWO: Tuesday Trash Talk at Ten (Facebook Live Event)
  • April 2020 - Trash and Recycling are Essential Services, Suspension of Plastic Bag Fee, Upcoming webinars, cancellations, WIWO: Wipes and Gloves in the Trash.
  • March 2020 - COVID-19, NERC's updated MRF Blended Value Report, Upcoming webinars, cancellations. WIWO: Shredded paper.
  • February 2020 - SMART Grant RFP, Regional Recycling Markets reports, Organics Recycling Webinars. WIWO: Can I Recycle Number 5’s?
  • January 2020- CT Organics Law Update, Organics Recycling Webinars and Tool Kits, EPR Fact Sheet. WIWO: Frozen Food Packaging   
  • November 2019 - Recycling Markets in the Northeast, TRPs Bridge to Circularity report,  MORE School Recycling Resources. WIWO: Explosives, Syringes/Sharps and Knives are OUT
  • October 2019  - RecycleCT School Grant RFP, School Recycling Resources, School Recycling Workshop, PFAS Draft Action Plan. WIWO: Spiral Wound Containers
  • September 2019 - Annual Municipal Recycling Reporting, What is product stewardship? Stewardship Initiatives in CT, Sherill Interviews Tom about EPR, GreenerGovCT. WIWO: Vaping paraphernalia is OUT
  • August 2019 - PFAS in Our Environment, PFAS in Compost, PFAS Resources, Annual Municipal Recycling Reporting, Single-Use Plastic Check-Out Bag Fee. WIWO: Batteries

  • July 2019 - Municipal Measurement Program, Update on Single-Use Plastic Bags, Compostable Bag Shopping Bag Trial, Resources: What Can We Do As Consumers About Climate Change, School Food Scraps and Waste Food, CT Green LEAF Schools, EPR for Household Hazardous Waste report (VT). WIWO Q&A: Padded Envelopes, Bubble Mailers 

  • June 2019 - Renewing Your Waste Disposal Contract, Contract Resources, Resources from RecycleCT Grant Recipients. WIWO Q&A: Nursery Pots  

  • May 2019 - Markets, Waste Reduction Letter, TRP Cart Grant, New Glass Foundation. WIWO Q&A: Resin Identification Code, Children

  • April 2019 - Community Composting, WIWO Q&A: Take Out Containers

  • March 2019 – Promoting SMART webinar and Giuliana Torta visit. WIWO Q&A: Miniature Liquor aka Nips, Single-Use Coffee Pods

  • February 2019  - Class schedule for 2019 Certification and Training for Solid Waste Facility Operators, Updated Outreach Materials for Haulers & their Customers, Archived E-News and Webinars, REI Issues Order with Penalty for Recycling Violations, WIWO Q&A: Renewliners, Wood Pellet Bags

  • January 2019 - Municipal CMMS Compliance update, Waste Reduction, WIWO Q&A: Spiral Wound Containers, Wrapping Paper

  • December 2018 - Education and Outreach Resources and Tool kits, WIWO Q&A: Bubble Mailers, Bubble Padded Envelopes, when manufacturer states “approved blue recycle bags”
  • November 2018 - Contracting, RecycleCT School Grant RFP, Trex School Plastic Film Recycling Challenge, What’s IN, What’s OUT receives NERC award.  WIWO Q&A: Nursery pots, plastic packaging clam shells and wood pellet bags
  • October 2018 -CT Glass Collection Pilot Overview.  WIWO Q&A: Plastic can carriers, baby wipe containers
  • September 2018 - FY 2018 Annual Municipal Recycling Report, CT WRAP Campaign Shows Increase in Awareness, What’s IN, What’s OUT campaign wins several awards. WIWO Q&A: Sodastream bottles, pool solar covers
  • July/August 2018 - How to Reduce Contamination, Recycling Contamination, How to Embed RecycleCT Wizard Web Widget. WIWO Q&A: aerosol cans, straws
  • June 2018 - Programs and Approaches that Respond to the Waste Crisis, Are You Paying a Tip Fee for Recyclables? WIWO Q&A: tennis ball containers, food insulation packaging, mylar balloons
  • May 2018 - CT is Facing a Waste Crisis, Waste reduction is solution to help balance municipal budgets
  • April 2018 - Renewing Your Waste Disposal Contract? NEW: Waste Food Resources, Closed Loop Fund
  • March 2018 - Are You in Compliance? RecycleCT Innovation Grant RFP, Municipal Solid Waste Ordinances, Promotional Resources, Preventing and Detecting PCB Contamination in Used Oil
  • February 2018 - Promotional Resources, Be SMART About Your Trash follow-up, Tools to help you Promote Carton Recycling
  • January 2018 -  CT DEEP’s Recycling Enforcement Initiative, Key Recycling Laws, Interested in SMART Technical Assistance?
  • December 2017 -Task Force to Study Methods for Reducing Consumer Packaging that Generates Solid Waste, School Recycling Grant Programs & Contests, Update: DEEP Recycling Incentive Grants Program
  • August 2017 - Is Your Town in Compliance with Recycling Laws? WRAP Kick-Off in East Hartford
  • June 2017 - What’s IN, What’s OUT, New RecycleCT website seeks to make recycling easier for residents, Resources for Municipalities, CT WRAP: Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Initiative, RecycleCT Foundation awards over $10,000 in grants to fund school recycling projects, New Roadmap to WRAP Guide Available to Support Community Outreach
  • April 2017 - CT WRAP Plastic Film Recycling Initiative, Are you in compliance with Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy?, WRAP Artwork Downloads, Posters, Signs and More, Special Events Recycling Bin Lending Program, Municipal and Regional Grants & Technical Assistance Program


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