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Mansfield Waste StationRecycling bins for special events, concerts, fairs, and festivals are now available to Connecticut communities through a grant that DEEP received from Keep America Beautiful and Anheuser-Busch Foundation.  The Lend-A-Bin Grant provided the state of CT with 200 ClearStream recycling bins for use by municipalities and civic groups to improve recycling collection at special events.  Municipalities are tasked with improving recycling and waste diversion in their communities, and this Special Events Recycling Bin Loan Program provides them with basic infrastructure to implement successful beverage container diversion programs.  

If your group would like to borrow recycling bins for your special event, please contact the person responsible for the bins in your region below.  Bins are available to any special event within the state of Connecticut and your event is not limited to borrowing from a particular location.  Borrowers must schedule a pick-up and drop-off with the town contact listed below.  The bins will be loaned out on a first come, first served basis.  The Recycling Bin Locations may also have guidelines for borrowing the bins which you will be required to comply with.

Recycling Bin borrowers are required to complete the ClearStream Bin - Event Recycling Survey  after each event to comply with DEEP grant requirements.

Recycling Bin Loan Program Distribution Information
Region  Pick-up Location Contact
Northeast  Mansfield
(40 bins available) 
Ginny Walton
(860) 429-3333
(40 bins available)
Winston Averill
(860) 381-5558
North Central
(20 bins available)
David Clark
(860) 584-7792 x105
North Central
(20 bins available)
Ray Carr
South Central Essex
(40 bins available) 
Janice Ehle Meyer
(860) 581-8554
Western Bridgewater, Brookfield, New Milford, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield and Sherman
(40 bins available)
Jen Heaton-Jones

Collection Containers

Collection Containers for Recycling, Organics and Trash

Guidebooks, Manuals & Toolkits

Recycling at Events: A Guide to Reducing Waste at Any Event  (Recycling Advocates)

Putting the Environment Center Stage: A Special Events Recycling Resource Kit  (Ecology Action)

Guide to Waste Reduction and Recycling at Special Events - Business and the Environment: Solutions for a Changing World   (Xerox)

Green n' Clean, A manual for music and arts festivals (A Greener Festival)

Recycle On-The-Go, Venue-Specific Resources (U.S. EPA)

Special Events Recycling Guide  (Georgia Department of Community Affairs)

Additional Resources

Recycling at Special Events, Brochure (CT DEEP)Trash and Recycling Station

Recycling at Special Events, Slide Presentation (CT DEEP)

An Inside Guide to Event Recycling, Article (Resource Recycling, reprinted with permission)

Venue Recycling in the U.S.A.: A Report on the Potential Recovery of Beverage Containers at Venues and Events (NAPCOR)

What Do I Do With…?  (CT DEEP)

Local Municipal Recycling Coordinators in Connecticut  (CT DEEP)

Venues and Events: Reducing Waste  (CalRecycle)

How to Green Your Wedding (Grist)

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator (U.S. EPA)

Single Serve Recycling Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Venue and Event Recycling (NAPCOR)

Zero Waste  (CT DEEP)

Recycling 2010 Public Act 10-87, Slide Presentation, SWAC, May 2010  (CT DEEP)

Public Act 10-87, Slide Presentation about Recycling in Public Places/Special Events, CRC, November 2010 (Diane Duva)

Park and Event Recycling, Slide Presentation, CRC November 2010, (Brooks Parker, Town of Manchester)

Park Recycling in Mansfield, Slide Presentation, CRC November 2010, (Ginny Walton, Town of Mansfield)

Festival on the Green - A Low Waste Event, Slide Presentation, CRC November 2010, (Ginny Walton, Town of Mansfield)

Possible Equipment Funding SourcesBlue Barrel Recycling Bin

Fundraising/Grantwriting Resources (CT Non-Profit Information Network)

Grantseekers Resources  (CT Council of Philanthropy)

Community Foundations in Connecticut  (CT Council of Philanthropy)

Some Companies That Provide Recycling Assistance or Services

Save that Stuff  (Save That Stuff, Inc.)

Clean Vibes  (Clean Vibes)

Recyclaholics, zero waste packaging and services, (Recyclaholics)

Green-Mary, zero waste event management

Global Inheritance, an organization working to reinvent activism to a new generation looking to make a difference in their community and beyond.  (Global Inheritance)

Recycle Away, Recycling and Zero Waste consulting


Disclaimer: The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) maintains the content on this web site to enhance public access to information and facilitate understanding of waste reduction, reuse and recycling. The DEEP is not recommending these resources over any others and recognizes these represent only a partial listing of resources on this subject.

Content Last Updated on September 2019