Collection Containers for Recyclables, Organics and Trash

Recycling bins for special events, concerts, fairs, and festivals are now available to Connecticut communities through the Special Events Recycling Bin Loan Program.


Indoor/Outdoor Recycling and Trash Receptacles


(from company website)

Acro Foam & Plastics LTD
5705 - 99 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 469-6865

Acro Recycling Bin
Rigid plastic container, attractive and lightweight.  Capacity approximately 6 cu. ft. (44 gallons).  Made of 100% recycled plastic (bin can also be recycled after use where facilities exist).  Easy and quick to assemble; easy to disassemble for storage. Transparent green so you can see when full; helps eliminate contamination.  Good for businesses, schools and special events.

BigBelly Solar
85 Wells Ave., Ste 305
Newton, MA 02459
Phone: (888) 820-0300
Fax: (617) 558-1010

The BigBelly System
The BigBelly Solar intelligent waste collection system has been designed to harness the power of the sun to help solve an expensive and messy problem: how to more efficiently manage the process of collecting solid waste. Durable and easy to use, the BigBelly system is composed of the following parts: solar-powered, off-grid trash compaction, wireless connectivity and asset monitoring/management, and companion recycling stations.  Also has ad panels (graphic dimensions are 30” tall and 18” wide) to display posters or advertisements on the sides of the BigBelly compactors or recycling units

Busch Systems International, Inc.
343 Saunders Road
Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 9A3
(800) 565-9931

Busch Systems
Our waste and recycling bins are manufactured in North America to ensure highest quality controls. We have waste and recycling bins for any application. All our recycling bins contain a minimum 35% post consumer recycled plastic.

Chevy Lane Fabrications
11100 Sodom Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Phone: (905) 295-7224
Fax: (905) 295-8410
Public Area Recycling Containers and Solutions
Specializes in customized multi-stream collection solutions.  Many types of bins to chose from.  Can provide parts to turn any container into a recycling container.  Decals available.  Event and public area recycling containers

ClearStream Recycling
6420 W. 127th St., Unit 212
Palos Heights, IL 60463
(855-411-4321) toll-free
Heather Grace at ext. 115

ClearStream clear bag recycling system.  Choice of three different lids makes the ClearStream effective for either source separation or a single stream collection of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and/or paper. The new wide mouth lid is ideal for collecting food in a biodegradable bag for zero waste events. Great for special events – indoors or outdoors.

ClearMax Indoor and Outdoor permanent containers capture recyclables at convention centers, sports events and concerts and other permanent locations.

Corrugated cardboard recycling bins – good for indoor use and/or short-term events indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).  Sell wheeled carts and bins for curbside collection.  Offers plastic bags for curbside programs (like Pay-As-You-Throw).  Offers paper bags landscape and yard debris.  Sells roll-off liners.

Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Inc.
1712 Moellers Drive
PO BOX 320
Decorah, Iowa 52101
(800) 553-0050

IRP Recycle Bin
3 different sizes/designs for these plastic molded bins.  Different lid designs.  All bins use 60 gallon bags.

Kettle Creek Designs
PO Box 47
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529
Voice: (800) 527-7848


Allows for the collection of recyclable and non-recyclable litter in one unit.  Both sides swing open from the central support for unencumbered access and reduced lifting. Constructed entirely of welded and cast-aluminum for long life and high recycled content.  Made of recycled plastic.

Tuscarora Series
Side-by-side arrangement for collecting recyclables and non-recyclables together.  Units can be used singularly, or in tandem and can be bolted together for extra stability. Solid, cast-aluminum lids attach to the container via stainless steel hinges.  Made of recycled plastic

Link-A-Bag Systems
Marketing and Sales Department
8118 Trillium Trail
Manlius, NY 13104
(800) 321-8154

Clear bag to enable people to see the recyclables inside.  Various signage is available to customize your collection efforts.  Size: 34 1/4" high x 21 1/4" wide.  Would be great for indoor and outdoor special events.

Presence from Innovation2290 Ball Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146
(800) 325-2823

Bottle and Can Bins
Specializes in merchandizing products and solutions.  Have recycling bins that are in the shape of a bottle or a can (35 gallon capacity).  Also corrugated cardboard or plastic bins.

Recycle Away
PO Box 1757
Brattleboro, VT 05302
(800) 664-5340

Recycle Away
Extensive selection of recycling bins and containers and ability to customize recycling systems.  Caters to governments, offices, businesses, schools, colleges, parks and recreation, downtown business districts and others that would like to implement high-visibility and convenient recycling opportunities for visitors and employees. Product line design based on years of direct experience implementing recycling programs around North America. Product line includes:

  • Durable and attractive outdoor recycling systems
  • Stylish indoor recycling containers for high-profile and high-traffic areas
  • Highly functional, clearly labeled and color-coded recycling containers
  • Specialty recycling containers for collecting food scraps, as well as universal wastes such as batteries and florescent lamps.
Sales Department
97 Newark Pompton Tpke
Wayne, NJ 07470
(800) 910-4757

Manufacturer of Complete Recycling Solutions for Businesses, Municipalities, Schools, and all Facilities.  Range of bins for desktop, businesses and special events (indoor and outdoor).  Made of corrugated recycled plastic; can be imprinted.  Different shapes and sizes including hexagon.  Inexpensive to ship.  Colored liners.  Also carries trash containers .

Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC
3124 Valley Avenue
Winchester, VA 22601
(800) 347-9800
Large assortment of recycling bins, carts – different shapes, sizes and colors.  Mostly plastic molded, but also includes fiberglass and metal containers.  Many bins made with recycled content.  Offer decals and/or stickers.  Also carries indoor and outdoor trash receptacles.
2510 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa, ON
M6R 1H7
(416) 535-9918
Rodney Muir
Sure-Close is a 1.9 gallon plastic container for collecting kitchen food scraps.  It is easy to fit under the sink, in the cupboard, on the counter or in a corner.  Can be purchased individually or in bulk.

The Bag Connection, Inc.
459 SW 9th Street
Dundee, OR 97115
(800) 622-2448

The Bagit System
Bags are made from heavy duty polypropylene fabric and woven polyethylene fabric (recycled content).  Some bags have a frame for them, others link to barrels, and some stand by themselves.  Different designs include handles, ties and unleakable bags.  Bags are designed for reuse (not disposal).  Range of different sizes and colors.  Offers bags for landscaping debris.

T.M. Fitzgerald & Associates850 West Chester Pike, Suite 303
Havertown, PA 19083-4439
(888) 795-0660

Triple R Cans
T.M. Fitzgerald & Associates manufactures and distributes plastic containers for various industries that are durable, functional and can be customized by color and hot stamping to meet individual businesses' needs.  20, 25, and 32 gallon round plastic barrels; 50 quart containers with flip-top lids. Variety of colors.  Lids available.  Two molded-in handles.  Can also be used as trash containers.

Windsor Barrel Works
PO Box 47Kempton, PA 19529
(800) 527-7848

Halo Recycling Receptacles
The Halo recycling collection containers are free standing metal rings that are spiked into the ground and inserted with clear plastic bags for collection of recyclables. Containers come in a 19 inch and 24 inch diameter frame sizes. They are lightweight, easy to set up and won’t blow away on windy days.

Cluster Recycling Receptacles
Made of recycled plastic lumber, designed to clearly delineate what goes where.  Nice, professional and neat looking outdoor bins.

Canables Recycling Receptacles
Unmatched visual impact whether it’s all clear or full color graphics.  Canables are available in 15, 20, 30 and 55 gallon sizes. (Not all sizes are stock items; contact us for details.) Their dimensions are based upon industry-standards so, parts we supply for Canables, such as lids and liners, will also fit steel drums of the same size.  These would be great for long-term and short-term indoor or outdoor events.

Also carries trash receptacles.

Curbside Recycling and Trash Carts/Bins
(from company website)

Ameri-Kart Waste Handling Products
55 West Techne Center Drive
Milford, OH 45150
(800) 533-2475

Sales Manager
Doug Eck
Director of Sales
(316) 796-0485

The 3100 Series is designed for use with semi-automated waste collection systems. The 3100 Series is available in several sizes to meet the needs of a full range of customers and ideal for large volume, contract handling of residential, commercial and industrial waste.
The 3300 Series is a high durability design that is compatible with universal waste collection systems. Carts feature: plated axles, snap-lock wheels, plated rugged latch bars, and a container molded of UV stabilized HMW-HDPE for color retention and durability.

The "BossKart"™ is one of the strongest, rotationally-molded carts available for automated and semi-automated waste handling. With both a 96-gallon and the New, mid-size 65 gallon models, BossKarts fit a full range of collection programs. Pleated sidewalls give it exceptional vertical strength.

MegaKart - Available in both the standard 96-gallon model and the New Mid-size 65 gallon size, MegaKart meets the container requirements of a wide range of collection programs. Its overall design and textured corners make it universally compatible with fully-automated and semi-automated collection systems.

Versa-Karts -For a variety of home usage applications, the Residential Versa-Kart® is manufactured in 35, 60, and 90 gallon sizes. Built to handle the pinching and pounding of fully and semi-automated residential waste collection systems, it has extra plastic at major wear points and solid axles for added strength.

MegaKart - Injection-molded, available in both 96 and 65 gallon models, meets the requirements of a wide range of collection applications. Factory installed parts eliminate up to 50 percent of the usual cost of on-site preparation. Corners, lift points, hinges, axle fixtures and handles are all reinforced for maximum strength without adding excessive additional weight.  Expanded footprint for stability; Injection-molded HDPE for rugged durability; Optional slotted or recycle caddy lids, hasps, locks available.

Curbsider -Designed for residential/municipal curbside recycling programs, the Curbsider is rugged enough for all environments. Excellent for programs that focus on glass, paper and plastic. Available in up to 100% recycled material to meet a wide range of recycling program specifications.

Cascade Engineering
3400 Innovation Court SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
(616) 975-4800

Northeast Sales Manager
Mark Broderick
(203) 263-3187 (office)
(203) 695-1130 (cell)

EcoCart - Available in 64 and 96 gallon sizes. Made from as high as 50% post consumer recycled content this cart has the option of adding either a barcode or RFID tag.

Basic Cart - Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, available in 35, 64, and 96 gallon sizes. This cart is offered in black, no logo, hot stamping/imprinting, or serial numbers.

IPL Inc.
Elizabeth M. Bernier
140 Commerciale Street
Quebec G0R 2Y0 Canada
(800) 463-0270 Ext. 559

Northeast Distributor NATIONAL EQUIPMENT
Fred Warrender
62 Markwood drive
Barrington, RI 02806
Phone: (401) 245-0002
Fax: (401) 245-9444
Cell : (401) 338-4980

New Master Cart
95 gallon injection molded cart with an advanced lid hinge design, ergonomic handles, 12-inch plastic snap on wheels, and a 1-inch tubular steel lift bar. Ideal for plants, offices and municipalities.

IPL Classic
64 and 95 gallon injection molded carts with an advanced lid hinge design, ergonomic handles, 12-inch heavy-duty quiet solid rubber wheels designed for manual or semi/full automated systems

64 and 95 gallon HDPE molded carts with a dual lid design can collect two material streams in one cart. The cart contains ergonomic handles with 12-inch heavy-duty solid rubber wheels.

Bio Cart
Vented lids, ergonomic handles, proper venting, built to last…our super heavy-duty HDPE molded carts facilitate organic waste handling and collection. This cart has an evaporation/ventilation system, 4 perforated vents for aeration, and a specially treated steel grating for constant drainage. Ideal for grass clippings and other compostables.

Commercial Carts
These commercial 4-wheeled carts come in two sizes: 660 and 1100 liters. These products are designed to be lifted by automated arms or double synchronized tippers. Your hauler will let you know if he can work with this product.

Norseman Plastics
39 Westmore Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M9V 3Y6
(800) 894-8397

Northeast Contact
Art McKenzie

Recycling BinsCurbside containers in 12 to 18 gallon sizes, offering the traditional ‘blue bin’ as well as containers in red and yellow. Containers are made of durable weather resistant material and can be nested.

The Green Bin Plus
This wheeled curbside organics recycling cart is 21 gallons in size. It also has a locking handle and can be hot-stamped on lid, front and sides. The smaller version holds 13 gallons.  Both have ergonomic side handles making for easy maneuverability.

Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.
12700 General Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273
(800) 795-OTTO

Northeast Salesperson
LT Beale
(617) 281-8346

Residential Carts
Carts are made of injection molded, durable plastic to withstand extremes in temperature. Multi-System Design Carts (MSD) are designed for refuse, recyclables, and yard waste. All-in-one collection systems, commingled recyclables and paper products or refuse and recyclables, can easily be accommodated by the MSD in front, side, or rear load automated applications.

Recycle Bins
Curbside, office or industrial applications, Otto has the recycling system available to meet the challenge.

Rehrig Pacific Company
4010 East 26th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058
(800) 421-6244

Northeast Salesperson
Traci Rutigliano
Erie, PA 16502
(800) 458-0403

Household Waste & Recycling Carts
Available in sizes from 35 gallons through 95 gallons with a continuous one-piece handle, and a reinforced top lip. Options for the Roll-out Carts include internal and external locking lids, which can be made with slots for collecting confidential documents and cutouts for recyclable beverage containers. Wheel options include blow-molded wheels or quiet treaded snap-on wheels that install in seconds.

Organic Waste Carts & Containers
The Yard Waste Cart, available in 35, 65 and 95 gallon sizes, boasts a superior ventilation system that stimulates aerobic decomposition while promoting proper odor dissemination. This patented system quickly reduces the weight and volume of organic wastes, giving recycling programs the flexibility and cost savings of bi-weekly collection. An internal, hinged bottom assembly pivots to prevent trapped debris during dumping.

The 40lt (10.5 Gallon) Collection Cart, designed for organic kitchen waste or recyclables, features an attractive tilt and roll design and compact size for easy transport and convenient home storing. The pre-assembled carts are well balanced and have no internal catch points. They are designed with multiple grab areas for easy manual dumping, and have four ground contact points for extra stability.

The Food Waste Container is the clean and easy way to collect and carry organic kitchen waste to the main curbside collection container. The 2 gallon container is also dishwasher safe.

Recycle BinsWhatever your recycling needs, Rehrig Pacific has the right size and style recycle bin.  HuskyLite® Bin, Stacking Bins, Apartment Recycler, Office Paper Recycler.

Roto Industries, Inc
17038 South Figueroa Street
Gardena, California 90248
(800) 634-7686

National Sales Manager
(no Northeast Rep)
Mark Rangel
1251 N Jefferson St.
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 238-3210


Hauler Series Roll-out Carts
Carts available in 35, 65, and 96 gallon versions, with a contemporary design and Superior Rotational Molding. All carts are designed for fully automated collection systems.

SSI Schaefer Systems Int. Inc.P. O. Box 7009
10021 Westlake Drive
USA – Charlotte, NC 28241
(704) 944-4500

Northeast Salesperson
Jack Lutes
(609) 558-3035 cell

Roll-Out Carts
Roll-out waste and recycling containers for industrial, commercial and domestic use. In the office, ideal for recycling paper, bottles and cans. Containers are injection molded for maximum strength and durability. Available in 35, 65, and 95 gallon models.

Curbside Compost CartThe Compostainer® covers against rain water and moisture.  Evaporation/ ventilation holes in the lid.  Spacer ribs on the inner walls prevent adhesion of the contents and ensure air circulation.  Grating for water drainage.  Air circulation top and bottom ventilation holes in the left and right side walls.  Comes in green and brown.

Toter, Inc.
841 Meacham Road
Statesville, NC 28677
(800) 424-0422

Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Stan Haines
(704) 905-3559 (cell)

Carts and Containers
Roll-out carts available in 96, 64, 48 and 32 gallon sizes. Compatible with both semi-automated and fully automated collection systems with a 360-degree rotating steel stop bar in a reinforced and completely sealed leak-proof journal.

Also offers co-collection carts, yard waste carts and semi-automatic lifters.

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