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Notice of Availability of FY2019 Funding Opportunity for Boating Infrastructure Grants

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has just been notified that the Department of Interior (DOI), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is providing an annual round of Boating Infrastructure Grants for the FY 2019 season.  Therefore, DEEP is pleased to offer a request for proposal under the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program.   Congress created this program recognizing that insufficient tie-up facilities exist for transient boats for reasonable and convenient access from our navigable waters.  Specifically, boaters are unable to access many recreational, cultural, historic, scenic, and natural resources of the United States.
The USFWS is making an estimated total of $13 million available for transient amenities for FY 2019.  The grant is designed to provide federal funds to public and private agencies, marinas and other facilities for the creation or renovation of tie-up facilities for transient recreational boats 26 feet or larger. 
DEEP is administering this program for the DOI and USFWS and will be accepting applications for two levels of funding for the FY 2019 round of grants.
  1. A minimum grant of $30,000 up to a total of $190,000 Federal requests (Tier I- See Grant Basics page for more detail).
  2. For projects over $200,000 (Tier II- See Grant Basics page for more detail)
    The deadline for the next cycle of grant applications is August 1, 2018 at 4:00 PM.
Please visit or, then click on the link for the Boating Infrastructure Grant program for information on the program requirements, grant basics and the application for project proposals.  If you do not have Internet access, please contact the Official Agency Contact for further information.
Please return ONE original set and FOUR COPIES of your application to:
Sara Ganzer
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
79 Elm Street, 6th floor
Hartford, CT 06106
Fax: 860-424-4070
Only complete applications received on or before the due date will be considered for funding.  Applicants for FY 2019 funds typically would be notified by the end of March, 2019 of approval/denial of funding for project requests.  Approved projects can be expected to begin during the fall of 2019 contingent upon the allocation of federal funds.  Work must be completed within 3 years of project approval.

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