Connecticut Bedrock Mining Sites Database

map of bedrock mining locationsThe Connecticut Bedrock Mining Sites Database (2022) is a comprehensive inventory of active and historic bedrock mines and quarries for the State of Connecticut. This work is integral to the mission of the Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey, and contributes to the National Assessment of Critical Minerals for the USGS National Earth Resources Mapping Initiative and the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program.

Database developed by the Connecticut Geological Survey. Contributors: Harold Moritz, Randolph Steinen, Taryn Isenburg, Zachary Klang, Rebekah Kennedy, David Vohra, Madison Rosen, Margaret Thomas, Madison Knox, Charles Kaiser.  Supersedes all previously published state bedrock mines maps. Point features include site locations, commodity data, activity status, host rock, references, validation methods, reconciliation of duplicate sites and other information. Area features identify disturbed land and tailings piles resulting from mining activities. The geodatabase is a synthesis of modern and historic data, incorporating State Survey archival information and mine plans, scientific reports, landscape analyses and field inspections, for 1070 bedrock mining sites in Connecticut including 426 sites not previously recognized or located.

This work supports the Connecticut economy, land use planning for conservation & development, pollution prevention, hazards assessments, and cultural preservation. CTBedrockMining2022.gdb is suitable for geologic and environmental mapping and analysis purposes at 1:24,000 scale. Many sites in this database are located on private property and no permission is inherently granted to visit them. Any physical access to these sites is limited to land owners permission. This material is based upon work supported in part by the U.S. Geological Survey National Geological and Geophysical Preservation Program under Grant No. G20AP00071-01 [Final project report].

Citation & download link:
Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey, 2022, Connecticut Bedrock Mining Sites Database: Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Hartford, CT. CGNHS Bull. 119, ver. 1.01, GIS geodatabase [GeMS]; PDF.

Content last updated August 2, 2022