CT Section 309 Coastal Management Assessment

DEEP’s Land and Water Resources Division (LWRD) is pleased to announce that NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management has approved our Assessment and Strategies for enhancing the State's coastal management program during the 2021-2025 Enhancement Cycle.

Final 309 Program Assessment and Strategies Report for the 2021 to 2025 Enhancement Cycle

The Assessment and Strategies relate to nine coastal zone enhancement objectives specified in Section 309 of the federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1996: 
  • the protection of coastal wetlands;
  • addressing coastal hazards;
  • increasing opportunities for public access;
  • reducing marine debris;
  • assessing, considering and controlling cumulative and secondary impacts of coastal growth and development;
  • special area management planning;
  • planning for the use of ocean resources;
  • facilitating the siting of energy and government facilities; and
  • facilitating the siting of aquaculture facilities.
Cover of the CT Section 309 assessment for the 2021 to 2025 enhancement cycle
The proposed Strategies are intended to enhance the State’s ability to address the highest-priority objectives within the constraints of available federal funding and project eligibility under Section 309.

Further information on the federal Section 309 Enhancement program, including the previous version of LWRD’s (formerly Office of Long Island Sound’s) Assessment and Strategies, is available at: http://coast.noaa.gov/czm/enhancement/.

For additional information call David Blatt at (860) 424-3610 or e-mail david.blatt@ct.gov.

Content last updated June 17, 2021