Safe Boating Course Agents (Private Providers)

Approved Safe Boating Course Agents are organizations that are approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the State of Connecticut to teach boating education that will lead to certification. 

America's Boating Club/ US Power Squadrons*
Note: CT does not accept the national online US Power Squadron course. Reach out to your local squadron to see if they are conducting a CT approved virtual video conferencing course.
Boat Safe Connecticut, LLC
Contact: Mark Vining
Phone: 860-930-3183
Connecticut Boating Certificate, LLC
Contact: Glenn Dean
Current Boating Education, LLC
Contact: Patrick Kilby
Green Marine Education
Contact: Yale Greenman
Phone: 203-967-9951
Landfall Navigation Limited
Contact: James Frayer
Phone: 203-487-0775
Northeast Marine Education
Contact: Jeffrey Hotsky
Phone: 860-446-6631
Safe Boating America, Inc.
Contact: Richard Werner
Phone: 516-216-4410
Sea Safe Boating
Contact: Karl Koch
Phone: 203-943-5462
Email: KKOCH99462@AOL.COM
Sound Environment Associates, LLC
Contact: Greg Trotta
Phone: 203-445-9254
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary*
Check availability for the “Boat America" formerly known as "About Boating Safely” classes here:
US Sailing
Contact: Peri Burns
*Not all USPS and CG Auxiliary courses include the Connecticut supplemental information that is required to receive a Connecticut boating certificate.  Please inquire with the Flotilla, Squadron or Boating Division before taking the class.


Last Updated September 14, 2022