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Governor Lamont extends Connecticut's State of Emergency to February 9, 2021 which suspends certain legal restraints enabling DEEP and our partners to provide on-line safe boating courses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Commissioner Dykes also issued an Order with details for this effort.  Specifically, the on-line classes will be held on an interactive videoconferencing platform which provide the opportunity for dialog between the instructors and students.  DEEP will now also allow the boating safety course students or those wishing to take an equivalency examination to take an on-line examination. 

Information for classes can be found below:

On-line Combination Classes

The on-line classes are 8 hours long and will be held on an interactive videoconferencing platform which provides the opportunity for dialogue between the instructors and students. As part of this instruction a proctored exam will be administered and graded at the end. Each student must have their own device (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone) with audio and video capabilities. Successful completion of the class qualifies a person to purchase for $50 their Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO) on the Sportsmen Licensing System.  The CPWO allows an individual to operate any recreational vessel including a personal watercraft. Please check age restrictions for operating vessels with engines greater than 10 horsepower and personal watercraft. To check the availability of the classes listed below, please e-mail the contact associated with the class.
 Online Combination Safe Boating / Personal Watercraft Classes*
Class Days  Class Start
 Class End
E-mail and/or Class Status  Sponsor   Class Fee
 Dec 16 & 17  5 p.m.   9 p.m. CLASS IS FULL DEEP No Fee
Please see additional approved on-line boating class options
*There has been an overwhelming response to the on-line safe boating course leading to certification. See Additional Approved On-line Boating Class options provided by the USCG Auxiliary, US Power Squadrons or Approved Safe Boating Course Agents (Private Boating Class Providers) below.

Additional Approved On-line Boating Classes
During the COVID 19 pandemic, virtual videoconferencing online classes are offered through the US Power Squadrons, USCG Auxiliary and many of our Safe Boating Course Agents (Private Providers). See more information below: Approved Safe Boating Course Agents are organizations that are approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the State of Connecticut to teach boating education that will lead to certification.  For a list Private Providers and their online course availability, visit Approved Safe Boating Course Agents (Private Boating Class Providers).
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGAux) and United States Power Squadrons (USPS) Courses:
NOTE:  Not all USPS and CG Auxiliary courses include the Connecticut supplemental information that is required to receive a Connecticut boating certificate.  Please inquire with the Flotilla, Squadron or Boating Division before taking the class.

On-Line Personal Watercraft Classes
Personal Watercraft Classes are 2 1/2 hours long. They are intended for individuals who would like to upgrade their Safe Boating Certificate to the Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation or to be eligible for a temporary personal watercraft certificate for first-time registered owners of a personal watercraft.

 On-Line Personal Watercraft Classes
 Class Day  Class Start 
 Class End 
 E-mail and/or Class Status  Sponsor  Class Fee
 July 28 6pm 9pm DEEP No Fee