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Office of Adjudications

Proposed and Final Decisions - Order Cases

The DEEP enforces certain environmental laws and regulations by issuing administrative orders to address actual or potential sources of pollution or other environmental harms. Recipients of orders may appeal; an adjudicatory hearing determines whether or not an order is affirmed.

Case Name Date of Proposed Final Decision Date of Final Decision Subject
(Subject Key)
Aldin Associates 05/10/11 Pending USTBRD
Alliance Energy Corp. (SRD-173) N/A 06/16/07 WPOLL
Alliance Energy Corp. (SRD-174) N/A 10/07/08 WPOLL
ASNAT Realty, et al. - Cease and Desist Order N/A 10/04/12 REMED/UST
ASNAT Realty, et al N/A 08/04/16 REMED/UST
Beard Sand and Gravel N/A 06/25/08 UST
BEC Corporation N/A 12/19/97 WPOLL
Beverage Trucking N/A 06/18/08 UST
Bolton and Vernon, Towns of N/A 12/18/02 WPOLL
Bonded Technology N/A 08/07/01 WPOLL
Brookfield, Town of  10/09/02 03/26/03 WPOLL
Celentano, Vincent D., et al. N/A 05/28/04 WPOLL/DAM
Cel-Mor Investments, Inc. N/A 05/28/04 DAM
Chatterton Marina N/A 07/27/11 UST
CT Building Wrecking Company N/A 10/26/88 SW
Dayton Pond Dam, Wallingford N/A 08/27/02 DAM
DOT and Turner/Plymouth N/A 04/05/04 IWW
Dowling, Nicola Pielenz N/A 11/03/16 S&D
Drake Petroleum N/A 06/06/12 REMED/UST
E-Square Investments, LLC
(50 Alba Drive, Bristol)
N/A 05/12/14 LIEN
Fred and George's Garage, Inc. N/A 02/06/08 UST
Gas Main - Middletown N/A 12/22/10 UST
Gluck/Providence and Worcester R.R  N/A 09/06/00 DAM
Goodwin College 05/24/12 05/16/12 USTBRD
Hamden, Town of N/A 04/16/03 SW
Hull Forest Products N/A 11/29/07 UST
Jemma Property LLC N/A 04/30/09 REMED/UST
Jiovio, Joseph and Gail N/A 06/02/05 WPOLL
Loeb, John and Rhoda N/A 03/18/09 S&D
Lonergan, Brian, et al. N/A 06/28/12 S&D
M & R Gassner Family LLC N/A 12/24/07 WPOLL
Marottoli, Salvatore H. N/A 03/23/05 S&D
Mayfair Garage N/A 03/05/08 UST
McCoy, John & June N/A 09/09/05 WPOLL
Millane Nurseries, Inc. N/A 02/04/09 UST
Nussbaum, Bernard W. N/A 02/20/18 S&D
Packer's Pond Dam N/A


69 Padanaram Road LLC N/A 06/30/14 LIEN
Pequabuck Golf Club N/A 11/03/06 UST
Prestonwold, Inc., N/A 10/04/04 DAM
Putnam Fuel Depot N/A 02/27/08 REMED/UST
Region 17 Bus Facility N/A 05/07/10 UST
R.L. Rogers & Sons, Inc. N/A 07/19/06 UST
Rob's Auto Service, Inc. N/A 02/06/08 UST
Rockfall Garage N/A 04/29/09 REMED/UST
Rocky Hill Sunoco N/A 01/14/11 UST
Ruitto, Salvatore, N/A 05/09/03 SCEL
Sams, David & Betsy N/A 11/02/07 S&D
Schilberg, Estate of Benjamin C. N/A 09/23/11 WPOLL
Schmidt, Anne M. 03/25/03 Pending USTBRD
Shanahan, Carl N/A 04/30/08 S&D
Shanahan, Carl & Mary Ann N/A 05/08/14 S&D
Shell Oil 05/13/99 Pending USTBRD
SEBMAP Realty (1209-1213 Foxon Road) NA 06/12/03 LIEN
Simeone, Carol and Albino (22a-452a(e)) NA 09/08/14 LIEN
The Children's Home NA 02/19/09 UST
Tilcon Connecticut, Inc. (Manchester) N/A 05/28/03 APOLL
Vorlon Holding, LLC N/A 03/21/13 WPOLL
Weitman, Grace 12/19/02 09/19/03 USTBRD
Whittle, Steven, et al. N/A 11/08/89 S&D

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