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Office of Adjudications

Proposed and Final Decisions
License/Certificate Revocation/Suspension

The DEEP issues certain professional and occupational licenses as well as licenses for certain activities such as hunting and fishing. The DEEP also issues certificates for actions such as the operation of a boat or personal watercraft. Licenses or certificates may be revoked or suspended following the opportunity for an adjudicatory hearing.

Case Name Date of Proposed Final Decision Date of Final Decision Subject
(Subject Key)
Bagnell, Michael N/A 04/03/07 HUNT
Bame, Raymond N/A 09/01/09 BOAT
Bartley, Richard N/A 08/24/07 BOAT
Bartley, Russell 05/03/05 10/13/05 LEP
Bialowas, Timothy N/A 09/01/10 FRSTR
Carrier, Gino N/A 08/27/09 HUNT
Carpenter, William N/A 08/13/15 BOAT
Charlton, Donald L. N/A 08/29/06 BOAT
Degrand, Metthias N/A 07/06/20 BOAT
Donovan, Richard N/A 08/30/10 BOAT
Dragon, Richard N/A 06/08/10 BOAT
Fabianski, Scott E. N/A 07/26/04 BOAT
Fairhaven Clam and Lobster Co., LLC 06/18/04 07/07/04 FISH
Feliciano, Luis A. N/A 09/20/07 BOAT
Gombos, Stephen N/A 04/24/09 HUNT
Gress, Michael N/A 07/31/15 BOAT
Hall, Arthur K. N/A 08/23/10 BOAT
Huston, Donald N/A 04/25/08 HUNT
Jacques, Brian, et. al. N/A 04/03/07 HUNT
Johnson, Williams H. N/A 07/22/10 BOAT
Linger, John T. N/A 08/04/06 BOAT
Lyons, Michael N/A 10/18/07 BOAT
Kapilotis, Nicholas G. N/A 10/16/07 BOAT
Kogut, Daniel N/A 11/26/02 LEP
McCusker, Kevin N/A 08/23/11 BOAT
Mezger, Edward G. N/A 07/22/05 BOAT
Morgan, Matthew R. N/A 08/04/06 BOAT
Mullane, David N/A 09/03/13 BOAT
Obermann, Paul A. N/A 08/16/05 BOAT
Patt, Robert N/A 08/07/19 BOAT
Poloski, Thomas N/A 04/09/08 HUNT
Sadler, John T. N/A 08/04/06 BOAT
Sager, Richard N/A 12/03/09 HUNT
Scott, John David N/A 07/13/12 BOAT
Siege, Gregory T. N/A 10/10/07 BOAT
Tancredi, Terrence N/A 10/28/09 HUNT
Torres-Sotomeyer, Cristobol N/A 01/31/12 HUNT
Veronick, Gary L N/A 09/07/05 BOAT
Wright, Jack R. N/A 10/15/15 BOAT

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