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Governor Dannel P. Malloy


Gov. Malloy Unveils the Connecticut "Still Revolutionary-"Campaign

New marketing effort highlights Connecticut's rich history, culture, and innovation

(Hartford, CT) - Governor Dannel P. Malloy, joined by Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Commissioner Catherine Smith, Deputy DECD Commissioner Kip Bergstrom and other state officials, today unveiled Connecticut's new branding campaign, entitled 'Still Revolutionary'. The campaign, part of a two-year, $27 million dollar initiative to bolster tourism, will include TV, radio, print, and digital advertising. The new logo will also appear on the state's social media channels.

"While neighboring states have engaged in vigorous campaigns to attract tourism dollars, Connecticut has languished, and as a result, we were literally taken off the tourism map. Starting today, we begin to change that," said Governor Malloy. "Still Revolutionary speaks to Connecticut's deep roots in the founding of this country and reminds us that we still have that independent, revolutionary spirit. For centuries we have been the home of literary greats, innovators and natural wonders - an incredibly diverse array of products and talent, all right here in Connecticut. We are a beautiful state, and we are very proud of our history, even as we look toward our future. It's time we did a better job of telling that story."

Throughout the lead-up to the launch of this new campaign, the Connecticut team engaged more than 1,500 residents, soliciting advice and feedback. DECD's "What's Your Connecticut Story?" project, which invites residents and visitors to share what they love most about living, working, and visiting Connecticut, also helped inform the state's strategic direction for the campaign.

"We conducted extensive research, set a strategic vision, reviewed and tested each potential creative direction and gave our most important consumers - our residents - a chance to weigh in," said DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith. "While it's clear that Connecticut has a revolutionary past, this campaign reminds all of us of the revolutionary things that are still happening here, every single day."

Connecticut tourism generates about $11.5 billion in spending, $1.15 billion in state and local tax revenue and employs nearly 111,000 workers, according to 2011 statistics. The new ads feature stunning visuals with unique story lines that highlight distinctive and extraordinary destinations around the state - from the Mystic coastline to the Essex Steam Train, the iconic Gillette Castle and Goodspeed Opera House.

"Through our brand exploration, research and stakeholder discussions, we discovered that the unique experience Connecticut provides both residents and visitors alike is one of inspiration," said DECD Deputy Commissioner Kip Bergstrom. "Inspiration became the campaign strategy and our guiding principle - Still Revolutionary gives us a powerful rallying cry that captures the spirit of Connecticut."

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A free download of the song, "Better With You," featured in the television commercials is available on Visit Connecticut's Facebook page . The song was commissioned exclusively for the campaign, performed by the Hartford Symphony Orchestra and sung by UCONN student, Dinelle Glaze.