We know many Connecticut businesses are struggling as they deal with the effects of COVID-19. We appreciate their perseverance and know they share our commitment to keeping our residents healthy. The state, working with its federal partners, has several programs and initiatives in place to assist businesses during this difficult period. For specific questions related to small business, email the Joint Information Center at COVID19.JIC@ct.gov, or call the DECD small business hotline at 860-500-2333. Individuals can call 2-1-1 for more information.

Permit Ombudsman


The Office of the Permit Ombudsman will coordinate and expedite permits and approvals with the Departments of Energy & Environmental Protection, Transportation and Public Health for projects that:

  • Are located within the designated Opportunity Zones;
  • Create at least 50 permanent, full-time equivalent non-construction jobs in any of the state’s 17 Enterprise Zones or at least 100 such jobs elsewhere in the state;
  • Clean up and develop abandoned or underused property (e.g., brownfields);
  • Are compatible with the state’s responsible growth initiatives;
  • Develop a mix of different but compatible uses near transportation facilities and infrastructure (e.g., transit-oriented development);
  • Develops green technology businesses (e.g., a business that employs at least 25% of its workers in jobs that use or develop green technology or fall into state occupation codes for green jobs);
  • Assist and provide guidance to bioscience businesses seeking to expedite the review and approval of permits required by local zoning authorities.

Activities Excluded from Expedited Review:

  • Are final disposal sites for solid, biomedical or hazardous wastes;
  • Produce electricity, unless the production is incidental and not the project’s primary function;
  • Extract natural resources;
  • Produce oil; or
  • Construct, maintain or operate an oil, petroleum, natural gas or sewerage pipeline.


For additional information or questions, please contact Maya Loewenberg, DECD Permit Ombudsman via email at Maya.Loewenberg@ct.gov.