Supporting Arts Grant Program

Review Criteria

Each organization will be reviewed based on their own organizational commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Accessibility principles and how that commitment is illustrated in both their internal policies and procedures and their external programs and services.  COA respects that each organization comes to this work from differing needs and perspectives and that there is no one single path to instituting equitable practices across the organization. Because of this, we will ask questions in the application that are designed to help you share your organization’s assessed needs and action steps.

The independent panelist will use the following set of review criteria:

  • Organization has begun to address the topic of DEI on board, staff, and constituent levels
  • Organization has collaboratively identified a set of measurable goals or actions to progress on their DEI learning
  • Organization has a board-approved DEI policy with clear goal
  • DEI policy was developed in a thoughtful and meaning process
  • Organization demonstrates practical application of DEI goals
  • Organization shows consistent internal progress on DEI initiative
  • Organization allocated funding to DEI initiatives
  • Organization demonstrates commitment to evaluating and improving the state of accessibility for all who want to participate in arts-making and arts participation, including people with disabilities

For definitions, go to Glossary of Terms & Resources.


Want to be a Reviewer/Panelist?

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