The ARTE-accesible (Ar.Teh-Ock.Seh.See.Bleh) grant program supports activities that provide greater access to the arts by all persons with or without disabilities and to all individuals regardless of language.  Grant requests, which may range from $500 to $3,000, can be used to support:

  • Program and service offerings to improve the experience for audiences of all abilities.
  • Staff training and internal resource support to carry out accessible programs and services.
  • Support employment of Connecticut Artists who identify as an individual with a disability.

The program is not currently accepting applications and will not offer grants in fiscal year 2022. The ARTE-accesible web pages are for informational purposes only with an overview of the program as it ran in fiscal year 2021. Please note: changes may occur from one cycle to the next. 

Programs & Services  (external) - increase attendance and enhance experiences for audiences of all abilities utilizing tools and/or develop enhancements to program and service offerings. Consider some of the resources noted below:

  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Screen Reader Capability
  • Audio/Video Description
  • Accessibility Technology
  • Touch / Tactile Offerings
  • Language Translations
  • ADA Transportation
  • Large Print Materials
  • ASL Interpreter
  • Web / Internet Applications
  • CART
  • Braille
  • Safe Spaces
  • Sensory Friendly
  • Mobility Services

Planning and Training (internal) - provide staff with training and resources to carry out accessible programs and services 

  • Staff Training
    • Customer services for front house staff (docents, ticket booth, ushers, etc.)
    • Curatorial and artistic direction training to develop performances and/or exhibits accessible to all
    • Marketing and development staff training for improved outreach and communications
  • Planning for Accessibility
    • Identify short-term and long-term improvements and implement strategies to reach accessiblity goals
    • Evaluate existing assets and develop plans to recognize and strengthen assets
    • Consider Social, Built, and Technology environments as part of Universal Design improvements
    • Emergency preparedness planning - evacuate individuals with disabilities and individuals with language barriers

Artist Employment - Employ / Contract with a Connecticut artist(s) who identifies as an individual with a disability.

  • Artist fees for short-term or long-term opportunities for artists to participate in the production/offerings of your organization. 
  • Professional service fees / resources to support artist employment within your organization
    • (acquire technology that allows the artist to do their work independently, hire an interpreter, etc.)

Program Guidelines:

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