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Real Estate Education and Exam Information

Am I required to complete CE? 
What if I am a reciprocal license holder? 
What if I am a referral only agent?
All license holders must complete CE prior to every even-year renewal. You are only exempt if you PASSED A CONNECTICUT LICENSING EXAM during the CE period. The CE completion for 2022 renewal is 6/1/2020-5/31/2022 for Salespersons, and 4/1/2020-3/31/2022 for Brokers. You may not apply any CE that was utilized for a previous license period to the current CE cycle.  Connecticut DOES NOT EXEMPT ANYONE from completion of Connecticut specific continuing education.   As a licensee in another state, you may however submit certificates of completion for CE completed for another state's license to the Department for consideration toward equivalency credit for the elective portion ONLY of the CE.  Scan and email to or fax to 860-706-1317. To be approved, EACH course must be a minimum of 3 hours and be taken during the current CT CE cycle. There is NO equivalency credit toward the mandatory course(s). If accepted as equivalency you will receive an email back from the Department notifying you of the approval and how many credits you were awarded. Do not submit the CT Mandatory course certificate for approval...simply retain that certificate of completion along with the approval received by the Department.  You must retain your documentation for a minimum of 4 years.  You will find instructions for looking up approved schools/courses below. All license holders must complete CE. Choosing to only utilize your license for referrals does NOT exempt you from Connecticut CE requirements.