Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Drop Box
Dispose of drugs in your household trash by doing the following:
  1. Keep the medication in its original container. Use a permanent marker or duck tape to cross out your personal information, or remove the label.

  2. Make medication less appealing. Mix your drugs (liquid or pills) with hot water to dissolve them. Add an undesirable substance, such as salt, ashes, saw dust, used coffee grounds or kitty litter.

  3. Contain and seal. Place it inside a container such as an empty yogurt or margarine tub to ensure that the contents cannot be seen and tape it shut.

  4. Throw out the container in your trash can. Do not put the container in your recycling bin!

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Other Methods

Why Not Flush?

  • Flushed medications can get into our lakes, rivers and streams. Research has shown that continuous exposure to low levels of medications has altered the behavior and physiology of fish and aquatic organisms.
Pharmaceuticals enter our wastewater from a variety of sources, including the flushing of unused medications. A nationwide study done in 1999 and 2000 by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) found low levels of drugs such as antibiotics, hormones, contraceptives and steroids in 80% of the rivers and streams tested.

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