Medical Marijuana Brand Registration

Use the following link Medical Marijuana Brand Registry to access the Connecticut Data repository and landing page for the Medical Marijuana Brand Registry.

Here you will be able to view all of the registered marijuana medications. Medication availability varies on a number of factors and not all listed medications are currently available. For current availability please contacts your dispensary facility.

The registry will give you access to the following information about medical marijuana products registered in Connecticut:

  • Brand-Name – Common name used to identify a specific medication (only one name per product)

  • Dosage-Form – Intended use for the medication

  • Producer – State licensed manufacturer of the medication

  • Photo – Image of the medication, to be used for visual reference

  • Label – Information listed on the product as sold

  • Approval-Date – Date the medication was registered with the State

  • Registration-Number – individual medication registration identification number

  • THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA - Chemical foot print or chemical makeup of the medication as reported by third party independent laboratory, all values are reported in percentage concentration

Registry sample image


This registry is intended for use by researchers, law enforcement and general public.

The registry can be manipulated directly within the registry page or can be exported into a number of formats.

If you discover any discrepancies with any part of this report please contact the Medical Marijuana Program via email at using the subject line MMP Brand Registry. Please make sure the body of your email includes details about the discrepancy you are reporting.