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New Home Construction Contractor Applications

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Any person or business that builds a new home needs a registration, inclusive of speculative housing. “New Home  Construction Contractor” means any person who contracts with a consumer to construct or sell a new home or any portion of a new home prior to occupancy. Exceptions to the registration requirements are: homeowners applying for their own home construction; Realtors licensed and engaging in work under chapter 392; mobile home dealers and/or licensees covered under chapter 412; persons holding a professional or occupational license; registration or certificate, provided said person engages in work for which said person is licensed, registered, or certified; and new home construction contractors who engage in one or more contracts related to the same new home with an aggregate value of less than thirty-five hundred dollars ($3,500).
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Late Renewal Reinstatement:

A New Home Construction Contractor registration can only be renewed within six (6) months of the expiration date of the registration.  Once the registration has expired for more than six (6) months, a new application will be required and a new number will be assigned.     

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