Electrical License

To perform electrical work in Connecticut, you must maintain an active license with the Department. Electrical work means the installation, erection, maintenance, inspection, testing, alteration or repair of any wire, cable, conduit, busway, raceway, support, insulator, conductor, appliance, apparatus, fixture or equipment that generates, transforms, transmits or uses electrical energy for light, heat, power or other purposes, but does not include low voltage wiring, not exceeding twenty-four volts, used within a lawn sprinkler system. On the job training, classroom training and an examination are required for licensure.


Application Fee:
  • Contractor: $150.00

    • The $150.00 initial license fee will be due after the successful completion of the examination.

  • Journeyperson: $90.00  

    • The $120.00 initial license fee will be due after  the successful completion of the examination.

All electrical licenses expire annually on September 30th. Renewal Fee: Contractor $150.00;      Journeyperson $120.00  
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