Cottage Food Operator (CFO)

Cottage Food is prepared food perceived to be low-risk for food-related injury or illness.  As a low-risk product, Cottage Food can be prepared in a home environment without some of the controls used for a traditional ready-to-eat food such as those foods sold in a restaurant or grocery store.  A listing of such foods is specified in our Guide for Cottage Food Operators.

If the food you desire to produce as a CFO is not included in the list of acceptable foods in the Guide for Cottage Food Operatorsyou may submit an application for review.

*Special Note: Beginning October 1, 2022, the cap on annual gross sales has been raised to $50,000.  


Before You Apply:    


The following documentation must be attached and submitted with a completed application.  Do not submit the application until you are able to provide these items: 

Application Information:

  • You may begin the online application process, or download a paper application to print on your own here.

Additional Information:


Consumer Protection does not collect tax information or payments but since this issue seems to come up a lot please be aware that businesses in the State of Connecticut are required to fill out a Businesses Taxes Registration Form and submit it to the Department of Revenue Services.

Those with questions about the forms taxes may contact the Department of Revenue Services at (860) 297-5962, by web at or via email at


Email for Questions and More Information: