Buttercream Frostings

There have been numerous questions on which buttercream frosting or icings recipes are acceptable, which are not and which recipes need further review.  In response to these inquiries we have put together this guide on how can assure your buttercream frostings and icings are safe and approved.

  1. Use a store-bought, commercially prepared frosting which has already been made shelf-stable.
  2. Use fondant only.
  3. Have a sample of your frosting tested.  Food testing laboratories can test your frosting for pH and water activity. 
  4. Use a buttercream frosting or icing recipes that does not contain butter, eggs, cream, or cream cheese but rather but rather is solely composed of shelf stable non-perishable ingredients such as shortening, sugar, commercially produced meringue powder and food color.
  5. Use a tested recipe, as an example the TexasCottageFoodLaw.com has recipes for several safe frostings.  The recipes were tested and shown to be non-potentially hazardous, but you MUST follow the directions exactly with no substitutions and would need to have whichever recipe(s) you want to use tested yourself.  Send the independent laboratory results in with your sample label and CFO application.

All your ingredients must be included on the primary label of your product and the labels must be reviewed by the Department. If your frostings include any unacceptable ingredients, you will be required to have the product reviewed or have it tested to demonstrate that the frosting is non-potentially hazardous.