Drug Control Division Inspection Forms

Welcome to the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division, Pharmacy Inspection form webpage. This page will be updated with inspection forms used by the Drug Control Division during pharmacy inspections inside the State of Connecticut.  We will be updating the forms on this page regularly and all forms are subject to change without being posted on the website. 
USP 797 
Inspection Form Version 2 - October 2015 



Designated Pharmacist - means a pharmacist responsible for overseeing the compounding of sterile pharmaceuticals and the application of the USP chapters, as said chapters pertain to sterile compounding.

  • The Designated Pharmacist in a licensed pharmacy or an institutional pharmacy must notify the department  when they commence or cease being the designated pharmacist via email to DCP.PharmacistLicense@ct.gov.  

  • Approved program(s) for Designated Pharmacists must at minimum include a total 30 hours (can be obtained from different programs) of education in the following areas:
    • Fundamentals of sterile compounding
    • Hazardous drug and high risk compounding
    • Sanitation of pharmacy controlled environments
    • Variable facility sampling metrics
    • Personnel sampling metrics
    • Engineering controls for sterile compounding


For questions and reporting USP related issues please email DCP.DrugUSPcompounding@ct.gov.

USP 795 
Inspection Form Version 1  September 2015- Please use this form as a reference for our inspection of your facility.
For questions and reporting USP related issues please email DCP.DrugUSPcompounding@ct.gov.
For information about USP 795, USP 797, and USP 800 or official copies of the chapters please go to the USP website.
Wholesaler Inspection Form - Last Update October 2015 minor corrections
Laboratory Inspection Form - Last Update June 2015