Laboratory With Controlled Substances


This registration is required for Laboratories that reside within the State of Connecticut that utilize controlled substances for research purposes or law enforcement entities that utilize controlled substances for canines.


Section 16 of Public Act 23-79 created a new license type for “cannabis testing laboratory”. A "cannabis testing laboratory" means a person who (A) is located in this state, (B) is licensed by the department to analyze marijuana, and (C) meets the licensure requirements established in section 21a-408r, as amended by Public Act 23-79, and the regulations adopted pursuant to subsection (d) of section 21a-408r, as amended by Public Act 23-79

Laboratories interested in analyzing cannabis must obtain a cannabis testing laboratory license. The Department is currently working to implement Public Act 23-79 and will post information on how to obtain a cannabis testing laboratory license on as soon as it is available. 


Prior to obtaining this registration you will be subject to an inspection by the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division. A sample inspection form can be found using the link below, and registrants are encouraged to use the form to perform a self-inspection in preparation for the Drug Control Division Inspection.  

Required Documentation:

  • Complete the application below
    • Inspection Form (Please review the forms in the laboratory section prior to the inspection.)
Applications, Forms & Other:
Application Fee:
Initial Application Fee: $80
This registration expires annually on January 31st. Renewal Fee: $80.  Renewal Information

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