Interior Designer - Continuing Education

Hours Required

4 credit hours every three-years, beginning 3 years after first renewal of the credential

Timeline for Completion

All continuing education (CE) hours must be completed between October 1 prior to renewal and September 30, every three years following the first renewal. Note: This CE completion deadline is 3 months before the renewal deadline.  You can check when your next CE is due by logging into eLicense and viewing the "Credential Information" tab:

continuing education due example

Proof of Completion

All credential holders must attest to the completion of their required continuing education (CE) as part of the renewal process. Certificates of completion and other related records should be retained by the credential holder for at least 3 years in case of audit by the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP).

Course Requirements

During each three-year cycle, completed CE must include content related to the application of the State Building Code and the Fire Safety Code.

Courses Available

Licensees must identify their own CE courses.

Failure to Complete

Failure to complete the required continuing education requirements may subject the licensee to civil fines and the revocation or suspension of their license.  


For questions, please email

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why is the continuing education (CE) completion deadline earlier than the renewal deadline?

A. As the renewal period begins well before the expiration date, the 3-month offset ensures that all required CE is completed before the renewal period begins.