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Complaint Forms and Procedures

Please send your complaint to the Department of Consumer Protection in writing using one of the forms below. Include copies of all receipts and other paperwork. Keep a copy of your complaint and all paperwork for your records.
We may need to contact you for further information. Please provide a daytime phone number and mailing address. 

PLEASE NOTE: All information shared with the State is part of the official public record, and may be accessible under the Freedom of Information Act. Additionally, if you are complaining against a particular business, that business may receive a complete copy of your complaint for their response. 

Anonymous Complaints: Online complaints may be submitted anonymously, however we will have no way to update you on the status of the complaint. Additionally, please keep in mind that your decision for anonymity may limit our ability to conduct a complete investigation.

                                       Department of Consumer Protection
                                       Complaint Center
                                       450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901
                                       Hartford, CT  06103


OR FAX TO: 860-707-1966

Please include your street mailing address to ensure prompt processing of your complaint.



  • While each complaint and process may vary, please allow up to a week for initial acknowledgement of your complaint. 
  • The appropriate division will review your complaint to determine if and how we can assist.
  • If it is a situation in which we can assist, we will contact the business to attempt to find an amicable resolution. This may require multiple attempts and take up to four weeks or more.
  • If a resolution cannot be reached, or the business does not respond, you have the right to pursue the issue in court.
  • If we believe the business has broken a law, or demonstrates a pattern of bad behavior, DCP may open an investigation on behalf of the State to attempt to prevent the business from harming additional consumers in the future. Unfortunately we cannot represent individuals.