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GAIN Protocol During COVID-19


This page includes links to tools, resources and requirements for staff and providers required to use the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs - Short Screener (GAIN-SS).  Click on the links below to access GAIN information specific to your needs.




Chestnut has validated the translation of the GAIN-SS from English into Spanish only. Please keep in mind that the GAIN-SS translations into other languages may be culture-bound and were created to fit the use of a language in a specific region.  We cannot confirm the methodology used to create them, and there may be variation in the response sets used for items or sections (e.g., the responses might be yes/no or contain fewer selections on a recency scale). Therefore, the multi-lingual versions may not match the English version exactly. It may be helpful for GAIN users to keep these factors and variations in mind as they use the translated versions, and to use their discretion when administering and interpreting these versions of the instrument.




GAIN ABS Access & Management
NEW!  GAIN ABS Training Video
GAIN-SS BH 3.0.1 (English)
GAIN-SS BH 3.0.1 (Spanish)
GAIN-SS Response Card 
GAIN-SS User Manual
Online GAIN SS-Training Instructions
Overview of the Tool
Scoring the GAIN-SS
Script for Introducing the GAIN-SS


If you need information related to the GAIN that is not available through this website, please contact Melissa.Sienna@ct.gov for assistance.  For general questions about the GAIN you may also contact Chestnut Health Systems at gaininfo@chestnut.org.

We make every effort to keep the information posted on this website current. Please check back often for updates.

Translated documents have been provided with permission by Chestnut Health Systems.