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EddyThis 10 year old young man could potentially be a great architect someday!  Eddy loves to do puzzles; build creations out of Legos and folding paper airplanes.  As with most young boys, he loves to be outside riding his bike and being physically active.  He can be sociable; enjoying one to one time with others, or go off on his own and play independently.  He often wants to share with others and shows compassion, however due to his history of adverse life experiences, at times his behaviors get the best of him and they can pose a challenge to those with whom he resides. 

Because of some life circumstances which have had a negative impact on Eddy, we are seeking an adoptive family who has had some experience working with children who have endured trauma.  Eddy is a sweet and engaging child who struggles with managing all of the big emotions surrounding his young life, and he craves and deserves a secure and loving family where he can believe in his future.   

Caring for animals; especially dogs, is a true gift for Eddy.  He does very well with them; and both offers and accepts, the unconditional love an animal can provide.  This comfort was especially useful to him when he was deeply impacted by the death of his mother; and he continues to grieve her loss.

Eddy will enter the 4th grade soon where he will continue to receive special education supports.  He continually works on reducing his negative behaviors in school and has been able to ask to take some space, fix his mistakes and identify his emotions leading up to behaviors.  On-going clinical supports for both Eddy and his family will help blend the family unit.

This smart, affectionate and deserving little boy needs a family by his side to help him stabilize and grow.  He eagerly awaits the opportunity to build a relationship with a family with whom he can develop security and belonging; and where he can grow into a healthy and happy young adult.

For information about Eddy contact:  Jane Pertillar 860-550-6678 or



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This very special nine year old little boy is in need of a family who will love him unconditionally while attending to his special needs.  A one or two parent family versed in the needs of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, will be rewarded by Teagan’s sweet smile and happy disposition.  Although he has some very specific and unique challenges, with the right family, he can thrive and blossom.

Described as a daytime “rabbit,” Teagan is an energetic little guy who has a hard time sitting still.  He likes to be active and can be impulsive, so holding his hands and keeping him close allow him to engage with the world around him in a safe manner.  Even though he is non-verbal, Teagan can communicate with sign language and can make his needs known by using some sound vocalizations.  Engaging in face-to-face communication enables him, and his caregivers, to have successful interaction.  Teagan understands what is being said to him and he enjoys watching TV and smiling and moving to the sound of music.

In time, Teagan may have the opportunity to engage in activities such as riding a bike, playing with age appropriate toys and independently playing outside.  However, for the time being, Teagan’s inability to assess safety requires constant supervision and attention.  He responds well to consistency and nurturance and his behaviors are not an intentional means to disobey, rather, a consequence of his cognitive limitations. 

While receiving educational and clinical supports, Teagan will be transitioning to a therapeutic school where his education will be enriched and his social development enhanced. He tends to struggle with paying attention and understanding certain concepts, but he enjoys the interactions with his teachers and friends.  Teagan has special transportation accommodations to keep him safe while riding on the bus. 

Therapeutic connections will remain in place to help Teagan and his family with a successful transition; and working collaboratively with helping professionals will be crucial to a family’s success.  Although parenting him may present with some challenges, the rewards of seeing Teagan progress and thrive into the special young man he will become, are many. 

For information about Teagan contact:  Adam Liebowitz 860-550-6410 or



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Watch a slideshow of Victor

This six year old cuddle bug is looking for a family willing to become well versed in the needs of children diagnosed with Autism.  Six year old Victor is a sweet little boy who loves to be affectionate, take hold of your hand, sit on your lap or reach up for a quick cuddle. He enjoys being active such as jumping on his trampoline, playing outside in the grass sliding down the playground slides, or going in the car to run errands.  When at home, he likes looking at books independently, gathering his cars, balancing on his yoga ball or going for walks. He has recently learned how to kick a ball and enjoys kicking it into a goal.

Because he is unable to verbally communicate, Victor uses a Picture Communication Exchange System to identify what he wants to eat, to play with, or where he wants to go. If a picture hasn't been created yet, Victor will take hold of your hand and take you to what he wants.  Academically, he is working on pointing to common objects when they are named and following ¬-simple directions such as "come here" or "sit down." He has mastered matching pictures or identical objects and he continues to work on gross motor imitation, such as copying another person's body movement (stick out your tongue, clap your hands, etc.).  He best expresses himself through his body language and you can tell very quickly if he is tired, not feeling well, or is feeling happy.

Over the past year, Victor has made significant progress in the areas of feeding and dressing himself. Some of his favorite foods include grilled cheese, ham and cheese quesadillas, oatmeal cookies, macaroni & cheese, and chicken with rice and beans. He often carries his water bottle around, but will never turn down a juice box!

Because a dog’s bark scares him, a family with no dog would best suit his needs.  He loves to be around other children in a calm and structured environment and he will bring joy to a family’s life!

For information about Victor contact: Bryan Lerch,



As she is not yet legally free for adoption, Beth’s name has been changed while we seek a very specific and loving family willing to care for this precious and sweet four year old little girl.

Beth currently resides in a hospital setting, however, she could be discharged into a home if just the right family can be found for her.  Beth is diagnosed with Cerebral Dysgenesis Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is challenged with many other medical issues.  She is also blind and has severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss.  Despite her medical needs, Beth is the most loving and sweet little girl who thrives when held and cuddled. She is stimulated by music and enjoys arts and crafts as well as snuggling with her stuffed animals. 


Due to being immobile, Beth requires constant use of a wheelchair for getting around and cannot sit unsupported.  She utilizes a wedge when sitting out of her wheelchair. Communication for Beth takes the form of facial expressions and vocalizations. She expresses discontent through crying or whining and pleasure through smiling and happy sounds.  When upset, she likes to be soothed by soft movements or vibrations; as with an infant.  She is highly responsive when someone gets close to her, loves attention and has fun in her half-day educational program through her placement. 


Supports for Beth’s family will include the provision of her hospital bed and medical supports in the home.  She typically has one to two medical appointments each month and her biological mother would be willing to help out by accompanying Beth in the medical cab or other form of transportation as she needs constant supervision.  In time, she may require a Hoyer lift to assist with moving her from her wheelchair to bed.


Although unable to parent her full time, Beth’s biological mother is devoted to her.  She visits twice per week, and brings along Beth’s three siblings; who all enjoy their time together.  This wonderfully unique circumstance will allow Beth’s family to have a natural and loving support system post adoption. 


Some of the medical providers, through CCMC, with whom a family would interact include audiology, cardiology, endocrine, ENT, GI, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nutrition, Ortho, and Pulmonology doctors.  She has a full team by her side helping her to reach her fullest potential.  What she is most in need of, however, is having a family by her side so she can enjoy living outside of a hospital or residential setting.


Although parenting Beth will certainly bring some unique challenges, it could also be the most rewarding experience for a family.  This little love bug needs a family to help her live a happy life filled with unconditional love.

For information about Beth contact:  Denise Lopez,  860-550-6391 or



A very patient and nurturing family is being sought for 12 year old Christian; a young boy who has faced many traumatic events in his short life.  He is eager to join a family who will love him unconditionally and one whom will accept a higher level of training to help him continue on his path to becoming a successful young man.

Like most boys his age, Christian loves to play video games, ride his bike and play outside.  He has a creative mind and enjoys the results of building things or working in the garden.  He is curious by nature and has a friendly disposition.

Due to events in his life, which have been beyond his control, Christian needs a family with dual parents and no other children; or significantly older siblings who could be positive role models for him.  At times, Christian struggles with understanding his past, which prevents him from having insight into how best to manage his negative behaviors.  Therapeutic supports will remain in place to help him and his family with a successful transition.

With educational and clinical supports in place in school, Christian has now entered the 7th grade.  He attends an alternative educational setting where he is an average student.  He tends to struggle with completing homework and staying on task, but he works hard when he feels supported; and has also enjoyed attending a therapeutic after school & summer camp.

although Christian has faced many challenges, there is much hope for his future.  He needs a family who can walk beside him and help him maintain that hope through his lifetime journey. Working collaboratively with helping professionals will be crucial to a family’s success, and will entail much time on the part of caregivers.  Christian asks an adoptive family be found for him, and he yearns for the unconditional love only a family can provide.

For information about Christian contact: Adam Liebowitz,  860-550-6307 or



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Watch a slideshow of Rico

This resilient and friendly young man needs the support of a family to help nurture and prepare him for adulthood.  Rico is a handsome, engaging, and sociable teen who will turn 18 in the New Year.  He longs for a family to be by his side as he celebrates this important milestone! 

Rico is a unique and creative person with goals and aspirations for a successful future. He has been thinking about post-secondary education and exploring careers in fashion or culinary arts.  He connects well with adults and would flourish with the support and guidance a family can provide while he makes these important life decisions.  Rico has been residing in group home facilities for four years and truly desires to live with a family where he could have a positive role model to help him navigate the “grown up” world!

Described by his teacher as a “wonderful peer and student,” Rico was admired for bringing “a lot of laughs and light to the classroom.”  He is eager to learn about things he enjoys and he loves to bake and create craft projects.  He makes bracelets out of beads and has been working on constructing a life book for himself which includes pictures, drawings and journal entries.  Using his creativity as appropriate outlets when he frustrated, angry or disappointed are supported through therapeutic interventions.  Although he has had some negative experiences in his life, he continues to work hard at understanding his past and learning appropriate boundaries and communication styles.  He needs a parent who will be patient with him and allow him the time to get comfortable and settle in, as he can be quiet and anxious when first experiencing new relationships.  Over time, he warms up and lets those closest to him see the vulnerable and endearing side to his personality.  

A consistent family, who will set limits and push him to excel to be the best he can be, will be rewarded by seeing this young man mature and evolve.  A family would be able to help him fine tune his independent living skills; take him on college tours and celebrate with him as he earns his high school diploma; things any other teenager already has in their life.  His family should have no younger children and be able to respect some biological family connections which are healthy and important to him. 

This young man wants nothing more than to find a family to call his own.  He is interested in having those around him proud of his accomplishments and he will be grateful for your support and attention to his special interests.  He is looking forward to finding just the right family where he can truly belong.

For information about Rico contact:   Danielle Daversa, 860-832-5559 or



Watch a video of Luis

This shy 13 year old young man has an amazingly resilient personality and he is looking forward to sharing his sense of humor and love of adventure with a family.  He is a curious, creative, and resourceful adolescent who is described as polite and sociable.             

As with most young men his age, Luis enjoys playing sports, riding bicycles, playing video games, fishing, drawing and playing with Legos.  He especially enjoys building forts and playing on the adventure course in the woods.  He has quite the green thumb and loves to be outside working in the garden.  If he had his way, he would be out exploring nature all day long!

Because Luis has many strong biological family connections, which are crucially important to him, he needs a family who will respect and honor these relationships.  Due to experiences from his past, Luis is a cautious young man who is slow to allow himself to trust others.  A family will need to allow him the space he requires to feel comfortable and secure; and must assuredly need to be straightforward and honest with him. 

Being actively engaged with clinical supports has helped Luis make tremendous progress in understanding his life situation and increasing efforts to improve himself.  He is highly motivated to continue on his path of better controlling his impulses, following directions and creating safe and meaningful relationships. Although at times he may have a verbal outburst of frustration or anger, he has been diligently trying to learn ways to process a conflict, or seek a positive resolution, rather than shutting down or overacting.

Academics are an occasional struggle for Luis, but supports within his school and from his family will help him achieve his goals.  When focused, he is a hard worker who is well organized and completes his work.

This young man wants to belong to a family through adoption.  He is open to any parent who will support him and make him feel safe in the knowledge they are committed to him unconditionally.  He has much to offer a family in return!

For information about Luis contact:  Alexandria Ingleton, 860-832-5539,



Watch a Video of Breanna

This resilient young lady is looking for a family to help her navigate the adolescent world into adulthood.  Breanna is 14 years of age and has faced many significant losses in her life.  She could easily surrender to her past; however she continues to look forward and work toward finding a permanent family who will not give up on her. 

Because of the many rejections she has faced by former caretakers, Breanna struggles with her feelings of frustration and rejection and yet she continues to works hard learning ways to face her complex trauma issues.  Breanna is able to express her long term goals, however, she needs a patient and understating family who will guide her along the way.  She has great potential to flourish if her family is able to understand the grief below the surface and stick by her side as she achieves her goals. 

As part of her clinical help, Breanna is working on her ability to trust and form healthy relationships.  To aide her in these endeavors, she has begun to volunteer at a local food pantry. Her kind heart has begun to shine through with this experience and she enjoys the feeling of “giving” to others.  She has also joined a “girls group” which helps her with socialization and building friendships. 

Recently Breanna has expressed an interest in boxing.  She is an athletic girl who enjoys basketball, dance, swimming and kick boxing.  Standing at six feet, two inches, she has a height advantage in most sports.  She is completing her freshman year of high school where she received special education supports.  She struggles with some of her classes but she is working hard and was recently awarded a “student of the month” certificate.

Parenting Breanna will bring both challenges and joy.  She has great potential if given the opportunity to feel accepted and loved.  Breanna and her family will continue to receive supports in and out of the home to help make her transition into a family successful and Breanna is clear in her desire to be adopted by a family who will stick by her side through both the good and challenging times.

For information about Breanna contact:  Denise Lopez,  860-550-6391 or



With aspirations to grow up and become a model, actress or singer, it comes as no surprise 16 year old Erica is very talented at both dance and singing.  She has taken hip hop dance lessons and sings in chorus at her school; an activity which has her looking forward to the school’s yearly Chorus trips.

In addition to these activities, Erica stays active running track for high school and writing both poetry and song lyrics.  Her creative talents don't end there as she loves fashion, would love to take singing or piano lessons and her innovative mind has no creative boundaries.  She can turn scraps of paper or tape into purses and homemade jewelry; items which are both beautiful and unique…..just as she is. 

Despite significant traumatic events in her past, Erica has proven her resiliency by diligently working with her clinician to minimize negative behaviors and learning ways to independently self regulate.  Erica continues to work these behaviors.  Erica is a very outgoing and friendly young lady who has an extremely high energy level. Being a typical teenager she can busy herself both indoors or out and is happy doing almost any activity from doing her nails.…to shopping…to going to amusements parks…or just playing games on her tablet.  She is very hopeful there is a family who will welcome her into their home and she looks forward to perhaps being able to travel with her family.  Erica has described her desired family as one with a mom and dad but no younger children.  She would enjoy same age or older female siblings.  Although she does not mind animals in general, she has an aversion to cats.  Ideally Erica will be able to find her family in the North Haven area in order to offer her consistency in her school system. 

Currently entering the 11th grade, Erica's strengths can be found in every subject.  She is earning all A’s and her teachers say she is a sweet and loving girl.  When in a hustling crowd; or with too much stimulation, Erica can become overwhelmed, however, she is learning appropriate ways to channel her impulses.  Supportive services will continue with her family to find the right approach to nurture and guide her.

Erica has so much to offer to her family and the world!  She looks forward to being an integral and significant member of one lucky family; who will then have the pleasure of seeing this talented and beautiful young girl grow up to be a creative and successful young woman. 

For information about Erica contact:  Kameshia Cooper, 860-832-5517 or



Because she is not yet legally free for adoption, Heather’s name has been changed while we seek just the right family for her.  Heather is an amazingly resilient 15 year old young lady whose dream is to find the perfect family with whom she can celebrate her “Sweet 16th” birthday in December.  She is proud of her Dominican descent and is bilingual in English and Spanish.   She expresses joy when connecting with her culture and shares she would love to be part of a family who shares her heritage. 


Family dynamics which would be of interest to Heather include having “nice” parents and a pet.  She would do best in a family where she is the only child or the older sister to much younger siblings.  Sharing a sisterhood with another girl around her age would be a great experience as well.  Heather has a keen interest in living in the New Haven, Connecticut or the New York City areas as this will keep her geographically close to her birth father in New York, with whom it is imperative she maintain contact. 


This beautiful girl with expressive eyes enjoys fashion and wearing colorful wigs.  She loves to cook and has an appreciation for music.  She has expressed she would be interested in becoming a chef when she grows up and she volunteers in the kitchen with her current group home.


She is a 7th grade student and with supports in place; she is doing well overall in school.  Forming and maintaining friendships can be a challenge at times for Heather, however, she diligently works on improving herself and managing some of her emotions.


Do to negative life events she endured in the past, Heather has feelings of sadness and frustration surrounding her current situation.  She desperately wants to join a family where she can grow up and enjoy the feeling of connectedness only a family can provide.  Heather will continue to receive supportive services to aid her in navigating her emotions and help her express her feelings in appropriate ways. 


Attending church was an important goal for Heather and she initiated joining the Pentecostal church.  She attends mass in Spanish at least once a month and she finds comfort in this activity. 


This very special young lady wants a permanent family by her side while she continues to grow into adulthood.  With a committed and compassionate family by her side, she has great potential for a successful future. 


For information about Heather contact:  Sone Phrommavanh 860-723-7255 or



Watch a video of Keyiza

This personable and mature young lady considers herself a “city girl.”  She is seeking to join just the right family who will watch her grow up and hopefully become a pediatrician someday.  Keyzia is ready to join a family where honesty is a valued family expectation.  Keyzia has experienced numerous placements and she is ready to settle down within a family where she can grow up and reach her fullest potential.  She is considered a “star” at her current group home and she has worked very hard at being her best self.

Supports in place helped Keyzia finish her sophomore year of High School strong; and she will be entering her junior year very shortly. Although she is not certain what she wants to do for a career when she grows up, she was a camp counselor for 5-11 year olds and she enjoyed working with the younger children.  While at camp, Keyzia used her height and athletic skills to conquer waterskiing and the high ropes course!

Being a concrete thinker with an outspoken personality, Keyzia expects those around her to be truthful and forthright. She has insight into how her mind and emotions work and she acknowledges she sometimes has difficulties communicating with peers.  She has learned over time how to effectively self advocate and have her emotional needs met.  Keyzia and her family will continue to receive clinical supports to assure a smooth transition as they become a family unit. 

Keyzia is a resilient and kind young lady who is just like any other teenager about to enter into young adulthood.  She is eager to be a productive and happy family member and is looking forward to settling down and enjoying what life has to offer.  She deserves a loving family by her side to guide and encourage her as she works towards a positive future.

For information about Keyiza contact:  Denise Lopez, 860-550-6391 or



This sweet young lady with a silly giggle needs a very special family to call her own.  16 year old Angelica enjoys playing with dolls, playing basketball and completing arts and craft projects.  She can also be found listening to music or playing games on her tablet.  Some of Angelica’s strengths include her interest in writing, reading, and her skills with word search puzzles.  She loves caring for animals and shows affection and care when dealing with them.

Due to some cognitive delays and specific medical and clinical diagnosis, Angelica presents emotionally very young and is in need of a family who can provide her with a consistent and calm routine.  She struggles with personal hygiene care and needs reliable adults to help her make good behavioral choices and decisions.  She is always ready to lend a helping hand around the house and complete chores.  She also likes to be helpful with younger children and she interacts happily with them.    

Angelica is currently involved in play therapy and works very hard to learn ways to better respond to frustrating events.  She struggles when she does not get what she wants and at times has difficulty managing and balancing her emotions.  She does well when given a lot of individualized attention by adults and is eager to please when she is doing an activity she enjoys.  Currently Angelica is a 10th grade student who receives special education services within a modified curriculum.  For the most part, she only has a surface understanding of what is taught to her and constant repetition is necessary for ultimate success. 

Because she is legally free for adoption, Angelica is ready to join a family who can help her reach her fullest potential.  She will do well having a slow and well thought-out transition into a family who is willing to become educated about the environment in which she will thrive.  Maintaining contact with some biological relatives will be important to her.  She has a lot of affection to share with just the right family. 

For information about Angelica contact:  Denise Lopez,  860-550-6391 or



Watch a video of Jamiah

DCF's new push to find forever families

'Heart Gallery' brings new hope for teens in foster care, waiting for adoption

This amazing young lady will steal your heart from the moment you meet her.  13 year old Jamiah, or “Miah” as she is sometimes called, will have no problem connecting and engaging with you.  She is a sweet girl who is articulate and a great self-advocate.  She is inquisitive and outgoing.  She is a happy girl who is always smiling and will certainly want to squeeze you with a big hug. 

Looking pretty, and having her hair and nails done are some of the “girly” things this little princess wants to enjoy with her family.  Her favorite color is blue but she will certainly mix it up with any other color; and of course she loves sparkles!!  Miah is longing for someone to want to spend time with her and make her feel “pampered” and “special.”  She enjoys playing outside and exploring nature, as well as sitting at home watching a movie or playing a board game.    

School is a strength for Miah and she is a good student in her 6th grade classroom with some supports.  She enjoys her academics and does well interacting with students and teachers alike.  She has a great love for music and a beautiful singing voice.  She is singing in church and at her school setting. 

Jamiah dreams of a family who will simply love her and take care of her.  She places no limitations on the kind of family it will be; she just wants a family to keep her safe.  She knows all too well “sometimes life is not sunshine and rainbows, but in the end your family is there for you.”  Being a positive role model for a younger sibling would also be of interest to her.  She is very insightful and is able to recognize what type of parenting works for her and what does not.  She is very clear she does not like it when adults yell.  This scares her and she in turn responds in a negative fashion. She would do best with a calm and steady parent who will meet any challenge with a composed and nurturing demeanor. 

Focusing on a positive future, which includes having a family to love her, Jamiah hopes to become a veterinarian and she would cherish the unconditional support of a family by her side as she achieves her goals. 

For information about Jamiah contact:  Bill Larson @ 860-832-5593 or



Watch a video of Luis
Watch a slideshow of Luis

Being silly with a great sense of humor; as well as an ability to tell stories, are just a few of the many things a family will find lovable 16 year old Luis.  This young man is full of energy and loves to spend his time enjoying outside activities such as riding his bike, skateboarding and playing sports.  Luis also loves wrestling and will often pretend he is in the ring with his favorite wrestler, ‘John Sena.’                         

Due some cognitive limitations, Luis receives special education supports in his 9th grade self-contained classroom.  As a typical teen, he sometimes struggles with focusing on getting homework completed and being self-sufficient in his studies.  Although he tends to pay more attention to sports more than school, he has been enrolled in several Unified sports teams through the town recreation department; and this provides him an outlet to be involved in community sports.

One of Luis’ strengths is his ability to connect with others.  He can be easy to get along with and is well liked by the people in his life within his group home setting.  He tends to gravitate towards adults rather than peers and he responds well to positive feedback.  At times, Luis struggles with his behaviors and he will need strong support from parents to guide him and set limits.  Luis’ cognitive delays impact his understanding of social cues and sometimes it is difficult to understand him.  An adult who is able to provide consistency within the home setting would help him manage his daily responsibilities as he does well with clear expectations and repetitive prompts.

Having experienced a lot of loss in his life, Luis may be shy and have difficulty adjusting when meeting new people.  However, if given the opportunity to gradually get to know a family, Luis will adapt and become an integral family member.  His adoptive family will need to honor some biological family relationships he would like to sustain. 

Although he has some challenges in life, Luis needs to have a family by his side as he celebrates his achievements and matures into a great young adult.

For information about Luis contact:  Jane Pertillar 860-550-6678 or

Photographed by:  Patty Swanson - Certified Professional Photographer (2017 CTPPA Award of Excellence;  2014-15 March of Dimes' Mission Triangle Award;  2012-2013 2x Connecticut Photographer of the Year, Creative and Art/Electronic Imaging.)  and



Watch a video of Dave

Playing video games and staying very active are just a couple of activities 14 year old Dave would like to share with a highly specialized family.  An organized and patient family, with no other children and a strong knowledge of autism would best meet Dave’s needs as developing meaningful relationships and building trust are key elements in Dave’s current clinical goals. 

Dave is a very active youth who loves to interact with animals as they provide comfort to him when he in not in a balanced frame of mind.  In addition to playing video games he likes to play with cars, read books, play sports and ride his bike.  At times, Dave’s impulsive behaviors and inability to read social cues become a physical challenge for his caregivers and a predictable environment with supportive redirection will help him connect with those around him.  Dave can be very entertaining and he has a good sense of humor. 

Consistent and significant supports in school have helped Dave complete his 8th grade school year.  Coping mechanisms such as using fidgets and taking walks; or even higher energy alternatives such as using a scooter board, trapeze swing or riding on the stationary bike, are all activities which help redirect his attention to feel better when he is frustrated or upset.  He puts much effort into learning and practicing self-regulation skills. 

A higher level of training and supports with be offered to Dave’s family due to the complexity of his needs.  Honoring a positive relationship he has with an aunt who lives out of state will be crucial for Dave.  Although parenting Dave may not be “typical” he is just like any other young adolescent who needs a family by his side. 

For information about Dave contact: Kameshia Cooper, 860-832-5517 or



Watch a video of Jaylynn

Her sweet smile and gentle eyes are just a couple of the non-verbal methods 14 year old Jaylynn uses to communicate her wants and needs to those around her.  Having been born three months premature, Jaylynn now has some highly specialized medical challenges for which she needs round-the-clock care in order to survive.  Jaylynn’s medical needs include issues related to cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. She has a history body temperature instability, which has been stable within the past year.

Given the complexity of Jaylynn`s needs, a family will need to be open to being educated with regard to her total care.  Due to multiple allergies she cannot reside within a home that has pets and she has a restricted, pureed diet for which she needs assistance in feeding. 

This precious young lady likes her quiet time, but she also thoroughly enjoys music; especially songs with an upbeat rhythm she can move her body or clap/tap her hands to the beat.  She loves to watch television and play with her toys and she uses adaptive sing language to convey her needs.  Under specific circumstances she enjoys swimming.  Jaylynn works hard with her caregivers to learn new skills such as brushing her teeth and using her walker for mobility. 

Jaylynn will be unable to reside independently as she grows older, however, she deserves to live within a family who belongs to her forever.

For information about Jaylynn contact:  Danielle Daversa, 860-832-5559 or




This soon-to-be 14 year old young lady is unsure of what she would like to be when she grows up, however, she knows she wants a family by her side while she figures out what the future has in store for her.  Misaelyz, or Missy as she is affectionately known, can understand some Spanish but English is her primary language.

Because she has been disappointed by some adults in her life, Missy has experienced intense feelings of sadness and abandonment.  She works very hard in her clinical setting to face some of her past trauma and she deserves a patient and understanding family who will support her has she overcomes her emotional challenges.  Missy longs for a family to stick with her while she works on understanding her life and learns positive ways to think and react to her surroundings.  Although she can appear reluctant at first, Missy quickly warms up when she can trust the other person will be non-judgmental and kind.  Receiving social supports in school have been helping Missy succeed in her sophomore year of high school where she receives educational supports.

When thinking about the family she’d like to join, Missy expresses she would love to be the oldest child parented by one or two loving and caring parents.  She loves pets and would be happy living in the suburbs; away from the city.  Missy enjoys writing poetry and journaling and like many girls her age, she is interested in fashion and shopping.   

This sweet young lady deserves a very specific family who will allow her the time she needs to heal from her past emotional pain while helping her become a vital member within the family unit.  She deserves to be loved and she had much love to give in return. 

For information about Missy contact:  Alexandria Ingleton 860-832-5539 or




This aspiring police detective has a great future ahead of him and he is seeking a family to be by his side as he matures from adolescence to adulthood.  Marquis will turn 14 this summer and he will enter the 8th grade next fall.  He is finishing his 7th grade year strong; having recently been named “student of the week.”  Academically he has strength in every subject area.


Being a typical teen, Marquis loves video games, playing ‘Uno,’ listening to music and hearing a good joke.  He also likes to stay active playing football and jumping on trampolines.  When asked about what place on earth he would most like to visit, he named Japan because of the anime.


Being a quiet and resilient young man, Marquis is described as adaptive and resourceful.  He has come to be aware of his emotions and recognizes when he is frustrated, it is best for him to take some time and space to gather his thoughts.  When frustrated, he tends to respond better when others use a calm, nonthreatening approach.  Overall, Marquis wants potential families to know he is lovable, fun, caring and helpful and he is ready to be an integral part of one special family.


When describing his future family Marquis has no preference about being an only child or having siblings, or whether or not his adoptive parents share his African American heritage.  His main focus is on a family willing to commit to him and taking good care of him.  Marquis would prefer a household with both a mother and father but most importantly his cherished relationship with his two sisters needs to be supported.  


This amazing guy would love to find a family with whom he can share laughs and his love for his favorite foods which include sunflower seeds, hot wings and beef jerky!  Marquis deserves a family to help him navigate the world of adolescence and share in the many exciting milestones ahead of him.  With the commitment of a family by his side, Marquis will grow to be an outstanding young man.


For information about Marquis contact:  Kameshia Cooper, 860-832-5517 or



Watch a video of Ghabil
Watch a Slideshow of Ghabil

Taking long walks, running, playing with toys which have sound or music and staying physically active are some of the things 11 year old Christopher; or Ghabil as he is known, would like to share with a family. Patient parents with a willingness to learn about autism will be the best match for him.

Although he is non-verbal, Ghabil’s strengths lie in his ability to use sign language to communicate.  In addition to sign language, he also understands Spanish and English.  He has some language skills to include words such as “hi, ball, water” and “blue” and he continues to work with his providers to increase his ability to mimic words and express his needs. He loves to have books read to him where he can follow along and point to pictures in the story. A clinical, year-round educational setting helps Ghabil make progress in his school work as well as socialization.  His teachers and support staff all truly love him and reflect he has great potential if he joins ‘just the right’ family. 


Going out in the community to visit places such as the park or shopping malls; as well as going to the movies, are other activities Ghabil enjoys. His specialized needs require 100% supervision at all times.  His family will learn ways to help him with transition to reduce his anxiety while also educating them in regard to how to respond to possible behavioral outbursts. With assistance, Ghabil has been learning how to accomplish daily self-care skills such as washing his hands and eating independently.


Careful consideration needs to be made when sharing new experiences with Ghabil.  Due to a significant sensory sensitivity, at times it may be difficult to predict how he will react to his surroundings. New or unknown opportunities may find him curious to explore, or they could increase his anxiety, rendering him likely to become stressed and engage in negative behaviors. Proactive techniques such as a structured daily schedule with built-in breaks, as well as positive reinforcement when he completes an activity, allow Ghabil to be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment. 


Parenting Ghabil will bring both challenges and joys and ongoing contact with his biological grandmother will bring him happiness.  His family will receive extra training and in-home supports to make family life successful, but having innate characteristics such as being calm, patient and organized will be key to a successful match for him. 


For information about Ghabil contact:  William Larson, 860-832-5593 @


Photographed by:  Patty Swanson - Certified Professional Photographer ( 2017 CTPPA Award of Excellence;  2014-15 March of Dimes' Mission Triangle Award;  2012-2013 2x Connecticut Photographer of the Year, Creative and Art/Electronic Imaging.) and



Watch a video of Jayden

This handsome ten year old boy is seeking a skilled and dedicated family who shares his love of riding dirt bikes.  Jayden is of Hispanic decent but he prefers to speak English.  He is a loving little boy who yearns to be loved back.

Like most boys his age, Jayden loves to play basketball and other outside activities with his friends.  He has a great sense of humor and likes having fun and playing around.  Because of experiences he has had in his lifetime, Jayden is not currently placed within a family setting--but he is ready and hopeful for the right family to come along!  His clinical providers feel it is critical for him to have a two parent family including at least one strong and actively involved father figure, as having a strong and nurturing male role model in his life has been a positive influence in the past.  Jayden would do best in a home with great structure and consistency.  He struggles with chaos so a busy and active family would be very hard for him to settle into; and a family with no other children would be an ideal match so he can receive a great deal of support and attention from his new parents.

Being an insightful child Jayden engages well with others and he lets those who care for him know how much they mean to him.  Sometimes his emotions get the best of him but he will do well with a family who can help him remain focused on his positive coping strategies and communicating his feelings and needs in a healthy manner rather than acting out.  When he is given positive praise and encouragement, a family will be rewarded with his joyful expressions over a job well done!

After entering a therapeutic day school, improvement has been noted in his academic and behavior performance at school.  The additional supports offered through his educational program has created a supportive environment for him.  It will be important for Jayden’s family to be open and supportive of some contact with important people from his past, including a previous foster parent whom he fondly refers to as his “Titi” or aunt.

With the right family by his side, this amazing and resilient little boy has great potential to grow up into a fine young man. 

For information about Jayden contact:  Danielle Daversa, 860-832-5559 or



This 14 year old young man named Julio is a typical teenager who likes to watch music videos, listen to music and play video games.  He is a resilient adolescent who is looking forward to being adopted by a family who will welcome him as their newest member and watch him develop into a strong adult.  Julio is bilingual in English and Spanish, although he prefers to communicate in English.

Creative and engaging are two words used to describe Julio.  He is very tall for his age and becomes sensitive when peers may pick on him.  He is working very hard- and succeeding- at reducing his temper and increasing his patience.  Sometimes his past experiences cloud his judgement and he reacts in negatives ways, however, he has the ability to have insight and is consistently making progress in learning more productive ways to handle situations.  His sense of humor is a positive characteristic for him and he can be fun to be around. 

His eighth grade school year is soon to end; and Julio has been working with supports in place, to maintain the B’s and C’s on his report cards.  Julio and his family will share a transition plan prior to placement so everyone has a chance to get to know one another and be comfortable. 


An active and patient family will help Julio navigate and experience all the challenges and joys which come with growing from an adolescent into adulthood.  With a supportive family by his side, Julio has strong potential to grow up and become a great man who will do great things in his future.


For information about Julio contact:  Bryan Lerch 860-550-6371 or



Watch a video of Charlise

Meet 11 year old Charlise, a beautiful young lady who is seeking a very specific family to claim as her own.  While most girls of this age have only had to worry about things such as school, friends and clothing, Charlise has experienced much loss and trauma in her short life and she needs a patient and loving family to help her get back to “typical” childhood experiences.

Despite only being 11 years of age Charlise presets as much older and she has a strong minded personality.  She uses negative verbalizations as a defense mechanism when she feels challenged and she would benefit residing in a family with experienced parents who are willing to see past her gruff exterior.  Therapeutic supports and enhanced training will be a part of the transition plan for Charlise and her family. 

 Having a sister close in age to her and a family of non-Caucasian decent is extremely important to Charlise.  Additionally she would love to have a large home and a dog.  When discussing qualities a family should have in order to effectively parent her, a former caregiver recommends a great sense of humor!    

Academically Charlise is bright and intelligent; and she will enter the fifth grade soon.  She is creative and has excellent writing skills; but tends to not like math.  She struggles with social skills and her behaviors will interfere with her ability to learn however, supports are in place to aid her in school. 

Charlise is a typical child who enjoys bike riding, reading and playing video games.  She will bring both challenges and joy to parenting and with patience and perseverance she will be a loving addition to the right family.

For information about Charlise contact: Kameshia Cooper, 860-832-5517 or




Watch a Video of Sincere
'Heart Gallery' brings new hope for teens waiting for adoption


Words such as “intelligent, thoughtful, funny, energetic, and talkative” are just a few that come to mind when thinking about 14 year old Sincere.  This resilient young man longs for a sense of permanency and a family where he can belong.  Sincere is a charming and handsome young man of African American decent who has one older and five younger siblings.  Although they cannot all reside together, a family willing to maintain a relationship with some of his siblings will be important to Sincere. 

Being active is important to Sincere and he enjoys playing football, basketball, soccer, baseball and running.  At the same time, he is also very artistic and enjoys structured art classes.  He likes to build things, read poetry and listen to music.  He has recently taken an interest in the piano and is learning to play on his own.  He is a 6th grade student who is well-liked by others due to his artistic abilities and creativeness.

Despite the many positives about Sincere, at times his negative behaviors overshadow his strengths.  He struggles emotionally and experiences a sense of loss as he is the only sibling not placed with a permanent family.  Because of his specific needs, his perfect family should be compromised of two patient and organized parents with no other children or adults with disabilities in the home.  Sincere is currently placed in a facility where he is diligently working on overcoming his past trauma.  He and his prospective family will benefit from joint clinical support and a lengthy transition plan prior to placement. 

This young man has a lot to offer this world and many years ahead of him to rise to his fullest potential.  He needs a family by his side to help him navigate the world around him.

For information about Sincere contact: Kameshia Cooper, 860-832-5517 or




Watch a video of Tahari


Playing in water, swinging at the park, listening to music and watching TV are just some of the fun activities nine year old Tahari would love to share with a family. 


This lovable and happy little guy needs a very specific family who can meet his developmental needs which are compromised due to autism.  Tahari requires constant supervision due to his limitations, however, he responds so well when provided love a consistent routine and affectionate attention.


Although Tahari is non-verbal, he is able to use some sign language to communicate.  In his 3rd grade classroom setting he uses a picture chart to express his needs or wants; and he is also working on learning new software which will help him to communicate by using a tablet.   Due to a lack of verbalization skills, Tahari will at time display negative behaviors when frustrated or upset.  With patience and a calm caretaker he is able to be redirected and comforted.

Tahari is currently in the 3rd grade and receives special education services with a focus on Autism.  He receives 1:1 services while at school which allows him to help focus and accomplish goals and his dedicated educational team has been a strong support for Tahari.

In addition to attending school, Tahari likes to go to church, the mall and the grocery store where he picks out some food on his own.  Fostering and encouraging his independence is a key strategy for Tahari’s future success. 


For information about Tahari contact: Kameshia Cooper, 860-832-5517 or



Watch a Video of Anna

Music and glitter; watching Little Mermaid and reading Dr. Seuss….these are all little girl activities enjoyed by 15 year old Anna.  Anna is a happy, friendly child who suffered significant trauma as an infant resulting in many demanding medical needs.  She has diagnoses of cerebral palsy, cortical blindness and seizure disorder.  Since she functions at a developmental stage of approximately two months, Anna is content with visual activities and being around other people.  Staff within her group home setting state she is a pleasure to care for and she loves to be in the center of household activities!

Anna is dependent on her wheelchair for mobility and relies on adults for her total care.  She does not take food orally and is fed through her G-tube while her caregivers monitor her many food allergies.  Anna sleeps in a low boy bed with rails. 

Although Anna does not initiate communication she will sometimes make sounds of pleasure or similar vocalizations.  Her laugh-like sounds and murmurs appear to be a direct result of the active stimulation she so richly enjoys around her.  Anna participates in her 9th grade class activities to the greatest extent possible and is given access to a Big Mack, single switch device to encourage vocal output.  Hand over hand assistance is necessary however she can operate a switch to turn on her music.  Tactile, sound and smell activities are those from which she responds most favorably.  Anna seems to look toward certain colors (red, green, blue) and when her hands are placed in a bucket of small objects, she will move her hands around and touch different things. 

A family to best suit Anna's needs is one where she will be part of an active and stimulating environment.  Her home will need to accommodate her wheelchair and assistance from the Department to make home modifications may be an option.  Anna deserves to be within a family setting where she is loved and cherished.  She has suffered significant trauma in her young life and she needs a very special family who can claim her as their own!   

For information about Anna contact:   Bryan Lerch 860-550-6371 or



Watch a video of David
Watch a slideshow of David

Being a “country boy” at heart, 15 year old David loves to listen to country music; especially any song by Blake Shelton!  Other favorites he equally loves to hear are ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Old McDonald had a Farm.’  Music relaxes David and his happy disposition is evident when he is most often found smiling and laughing with people around him.             

After being born premature and experiencing a lack of oxygen to his brain, David has some significant medical challenges for which he receives numerous supportive services.  An ideal family for David will have two organized parents with a flexible schedule to accommodate his in-home providers. 

He thoroughly enjoys music and water therapy and although he is non-verbal, he is able to make some sounds to make his needs known.  Specialized care for David includes helping him make improvements everyday in his overall functioning.  He uses a modified spoon and bowl to become more independent in his feeding and, with supervision, he is able to learn adaptive ways to be successful. 

A single story home would be a good fit for David as using the stairs continues to be a struggle for him due to some visual limitations.  Once he is comfortable in his surroundings he can move with ease. 

David has a sweet and inquisitive disposition and he easily forms loving relationships with his caregivers. He loves to hold hands and take walks and some of his favorite school field trips include going to the zoo, bowling or spending the day at the beach. Visiting with his grandmother is a special time for David and he beams with happiness when he sees her or hears her voice.  His family will need to continue to support this relationship. 

Although his group home caregivers will be sad to see this special young man leave, David is ready to join a family!

For information about David contact:  Denise Lopez, 860-550-6391 or



Watch a video of Jesus

Described as both shy and energetic, 12 year old Jesus is a young boy who wants to grow up in a family where he can explore the world around him.  A recent decision was made for him to be adopted apart from his 14 year old sister however, their ability to maintain contact as they grow up will remain very important to them. 

This inquisitive young man asks a lot of questions to assure his surroundings are safe.  Although initially reserved, once he warms up he is a non-stop chatter-box!  He is a bundle of energy and loves to attempt to do many things at once. 

Jesus has a serious interest in Legos, as he loves to build things with his hands and will often build the same object multiple times. He also thoroughly enjoys the game ‘Minecraft’ because he gets to design his own world and what takes place in it.  He has great ability to complete any hands-on tasks and his skills may someday develop into a career as an architect!

Aside from assuring contact with his sister, an ideal family for Jesus would consist of a mom and a dad along with older siblings to whom he could look up and learn from.  He loves animals and caring for them gives him a sense of responsibility and calms him down when he needs a break.  

Current supports within his 7th grade classroom help him to reach his fullest potential.

This awesome young boy needs a family by his side as he grows into a fine young man!

For information about Jesus contact:  Danielle Daversa, 860-832-5559 or

Yennessie Yennessie


This amazingly resilient and personable 15 year old young lady would love to find a sports-loving family who shares her African American and Puerto Rican heritage.  She is fluent in Spanish and would love to speak her language at home while also enjoying the food and rich history of her culture.  She is a self-described “chatter-box” who likes to talk!


Having an amazing musical talent, Yennessie creates her own music through rapping, and enjoys listening to every type of music; from Spanish and R&B, to Hip-Hop and Country.  Other than sharing her culture, Yennessie mentioned she would love to have a sibling.   She does not have any thoughts as to having a sister or brother, but she would enjoy the special relationship siblings share. 


Due to prior adults in her life letting her down, Yennessie has difficulty trusting people right away, and she needs a family who will go “at her pace” when forming relationships. She is motivated to be part of a family; and although parenting a teen who has experienced a turbulent beginning can bring its challenges, the joy and love Yennessie has to share with a family are abundant.


Although like most teens Yennessie does not particularly like going to school, she has aspirations for her future which include possibly working with people in the health or human services sector.  Currently, her favorite thing to do is play sports; with soccer, basketball, and football as her top three favorites.  When not playing, she also enjoys watching sports, stating she likes the Patriots and learning about old school basketball teams, such as the “Fab Five.”


Transitions and change are hard for Yennessie, so a family would need to be patient and supportive.  She and her family will be provided clinical supports to assure a smooth and successful match.  This young lady with a great sense of humor deserves to be in a family where she is accepted and loved as a new and welcome member!


For information about Yennessie contact:  Bryan Lerch 860-550-6371 or