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AmariPlaying on the swings, taking long car rides and jumping on the trampoline are just a few of the things Amari would love to do with a family.

Amari is a sweet 10 year old little boy who has a great attitude and a love of the outdoors.  When it is nice outside he enjoys playing in tents; but if it is a rainy day, he is content to be inside, simply watching the rain fall.  Amari would do best with an adoptive family, or a visiting resource, who has a lot of patience, an interest in learning sign language and an awareness of caring for children with autism.

Sensing danger is not an ability Amari has, so when he is playing and running outside, he needs a safe environment.  Watching for oncoming traffic, helping him to go up and down stairs or recognizing when he places himself in risky situations are particular ways a loving family could assist Amari in having everyday childhood experiences.  Some of his excess energy could be spent swinging on a swing, jumping on a trampoline and taking long walks.

Communicating with Amari is completed by the use of picture books (PECS) and using American Sign Language (ASL).  He has Cochlear Implants to help with his hearing, but he does not like how they feel, and struggles to use them.  Everyday life skills such as dressing himself using buttons and zippers, and manipulating utensils to eat, are all things with which Amari's teachers and support staff assist him, however, he needs to be part of a family where he belongs.  He is well loved by the adults in his life who are willing to provide a future family with the extra support, education and training they will need, in order to raise Amari into a healthy and fine young man.

A family who is willing to be strong advocates for Amari and who will continue the positive relationships he has with some biological family members, will be rewarded by caring for this sweet-natured little boy.

For information about Amari contact Denise Lopez:  1-860-937-8912  or denise.lopez@ct.gov


JesusDescribed as both shy and energetic, 15 year old Jesus is a young man who wants to grow up in a family where he can explore the world around him.  This inquisitive young man asks a lot of questions to assure his surroundings are safe and although initially reserved, once he warms up he can be quite engaging.  Jesus is a bundle of energy, can be playful, has become more social with others and loves to attempt to do many things at once. 

He has a great ability to complete any hands-on task and his skills may someday develop into a career as an architect or video game developer! He has a serious interest in Legos, as he loves to build things with his hands, and can happily spend hours building something. He also thoroughly enjoys the game ‘Minecraft’ because he gets to design his own world and what takes place within.  Jesus loves animals and caring for them gives him a sense of responsibility, while also calming him when he needs a break.  Although he will participate in activities at his pace and interest, Jesus is not a fan of competitive sports. 

Because of negative experiences he has endured in life, Jesus has a difficult time talking about his feelings and emotions.  He will often “shut down” and ignore questions; but having something to “fidget” with in his hands while he talks is helpful to him.  His inability to stay focused has caused some struggles both in and out of school as he can be intrusive within his surroundings and other people’s possessions.  If he becomes frustrated or upset, he has trouble following multiple step directions.  He works hard with clinical help to make improvements and address some past trauma. Educational and clinical supports within school are helpful for Jesus as he navigates his high school years.  

If one thing is for certain, it is Jesus’ desire to have a family by his side.  His life experiences have resulted in some challenging behaviors, however, with the right family supporting him, he has great potential to continue to grow into a successful young adult.

For information about Jesus contact: Stephanie Frascadore Stephanie.Frascadore@klingberg.com

"Andrea, Veronica & Vanessa"


3 SistersThese sweet little sisters are a ready-made family hoping to bring some sunshine into the hearts of a very lucky family!  The children are currently living apart from one another through no fault of their own and they need and want to be united in one family.  As the court process has not fully completed; their names have been changed and a photograph cannot yet be shared, however, they are beautiful children of multi-racial descent, having Caucasian and Hispanic heritage. 

Nine-year-old Andrea is the oldest of the bunch and she is very protective of her sisters.  She is noted to be a smart little girl who loves to narrate her own stories, filled with creative details.  Due to her life experiences, she is learning how to adjust to stressors around her and regulate her emotions.  She has made tremendous strides and has slowly developed a very positive self-esteem and boosted her self-confidence.   She receives some supports in school and will enter the 4th grade in the fall.  Last spring, she was noted to be "the star of her class" regarding her academic performance.  Andrea is described as smart and kind and she loves to listen to music and drawing. She enjoys playing basketball and has a strong desire to take swimming lessons.

Smiling and cheerful are the first couple of words which spring to mind when describing Veronica.  She is a caring and affectionate seven-year-old who can often be found making thoughtful, home-made cards to give to the people in her life.  Because of experiences in her past, Veronica may be anxious or nervous, but her overall positive disposition allows her to be soothed and comforted.  Veronica is a smart little girl who will enter the 2nd grade in the Fall.  She has a strong sweet tooth and her favorite movie is "Frozen."

Rounding out this family unit is three-year-old Vanessa.  Like her older sisters, she has experienced trauma in her past and due to her young age, she is unable to fully verbalize her worries.  She sees "monsters" at night, and she becomes very anxious and nervous. She needs lots of snuggles and reassurance she is safe and loved.  Her bubbly personality is displayed through her cheerful smile and her love of singing.

All three girls are bi-lingual in the Spanish and English languages.  They have a very strong and loving relationship with one another; and they deserve to live with a family who will work with clinical supports to help them understand their past and look forward to very bright futures.

For information about these children contact Sandra Tapia-Arcos: Sandra.Tapia-Arcos@ct.gov


MatthewWith a true love of comics, this 11-year-old young man dreams of becoming a comic book artist when he grows up.  As he is not yet legally free for adoption, 'Michael' is not his real name, but he is a resilient and handsome young man of Caucasian descent with light brown hair and blue eyes.  Michael longs to be in a family where he is supported and loved for the rest of his life.

Having been born with a metabolic disorder, Michael has been taking a mild protein; however, this has improved over time and his protein-restricted diet is being expanded.  He is a very bright child with a lot of energy.  He would do well within a family who is aware of parenting a child with mild autism or a family simply willing to learn how to connect with children who carry this diagnosis.  Michael is a creative and endearing little boy who is curious about the world around him and always interested in learning new things.  He designs and creates his own 'superheros' and writes his own comic books.  He is very talented and has been able to teach an adult how to do a step by step drawing.  He loves to engage in conversations about his creations and accepts positive critiques of his work.

Supports both in and out of school help Michael stay attentive in his 5th grade class and help him learn new ways to settle down and concentrate on his work.  He is also working very hard to remember personal space and verbally expressing his needs in appropriate ways.  His teachers have reported he has many friends in school and is a joy to have in class. 

Respectful, kind, sweet, loving and affectionate are just a few words which rapidly come to adult's minds when describing Michael.  His current family is very much attached to him; however, he is in need of a family who can commit to caring for him into adulthood.  He will bring much joy to a family.

For information about Michael contact Denise Lopez:  860-550-6391 or denise.lopez@ct.gov

Rosie & Thomas

Rosie & ThomasThis dynamic sister-brother duo is ready to join a family where they can live together for a lifetime!  The children are currently living apart from one another through no fault of their own and they need and want to be united in one family.  As the court process has not fully completed; their names have been changed and a photograph cannot yet be shared, however, they are beautiful children of multi-racial descent. Rosie will turn 11 years of age in the fall and Thomas will turn 8 years of age.  

Sweet Rosie is a silly little girl who is fun to be around and very loving.  She is talkative and a quick learner.  Due to the upheaval in her life she is somewhat behind academically, however, she tries very hard and has been making great strides.  Her amazing memory is a positive asset when catching up in her academics.  As a "typical" little girl, she loves to both play with her dolls as well as be active outside.  She receives supports to help her understand the trauma she endured and her current foster family states she plays nicely and shares well. 

Thomas looks up to his sister and longs to live with her as he asks for her constantly.  He is much happier and content when he can be with her; although they are typical siblings who will bicker at times.  Thomas is a bundle of energy and loves to be active and outdoors.  He is "very big" into basketball, loves to be creative with Legos and is fascinated with fire stations.  Along with his sister, Thomas has endured trauma in his young life, and due to his young age, his only way to communicate had been displaying negative behaviors or using inappropriate language he had overheard.  With consistency and clinical supports, Thomas is making strides in learning more appropriate ways to make his needs known, and with patience and consistency, he has a strong aptitude to progress further.  A positive and nurturing male role model would be ideal for Thomas. 

A patient and loving family is needed who will help these deserving children find stability, while allowing them time to understand what has happened in their short lives.  These two have double the love to share with any lucky family.   

For information about these children contact Denise Lopez: 860-550-6391 or denise.lopez@ct.gov



Ta'RaynaPlease meet Ta'Rayna, an aspiring kindergarten teacher! Her bubbly personality and smile will be invaluable assets to her career plans and working with very young children is a way Ta'Rayna plans to give back to the community in the future.  Writing a book about how successful people can be, despite living with depression and anxiety is a future dream for her.  She has a story which needs to be told, and she needs a family by her side as she works to accomplish all her positive life goals.   

Creative and outgoing are two descriptors of this resilient young lady who will turn 18 in July.  She enjoys reading, arts & crafts, caring for animals, roller skating and being outdoors.  She is loving and a lot of fun to be around.  Due to the failure of adults in her life to provide her with a solid emotional foundation, Ta'Rayna has not had positive role models to help her understand the trials and tribulations of growing up.  She relies on clinical support to help her when her emotions get the best of her and she is building her own coping skills such as expressing herself in art, music or journaling.     

Contact with some family members will be important for Ta'Rayna to sustain, and a family to help support her while she furthers her understanding of the world around her, will be keys to her success.  Ta'Rayna is a junior in high school and longs to have someone she can rely on and be by her side when she reaches important milestones and achievements such as graduating and selecting a college.  

An accepting and welcoming family will enjoy getting to know Ta'Rayna and watching her reach her fullest potential.  

For information about these boys contact Denise Lopez: 1-860-937-8912  or denise.lopez@ct.gov


Tiana ThumbAlthough legally blind and non-verbal, Taina will attempt to make eye contact in order to connect with whomever is speaking to her.  She will make sounds and utterances to make her needs known and once you get to know her, it easy to understand the emotions she wants to express. 

She loves to receive affectionate touch by the stroke of her head or the holding of her hand.  She is content being near windows and lights; and her smile is as bright and warm as the sun.

Squealing with delight when she hears pop music, having books read to her and playing with toys which have music and lights are just a few of the activities 16 year old Taina enjoys. This precious girl is described as "a joy" by her caregivers in the medical group home where she lives, however, she is ready for discharge and needs a family!

Taina was born with a chromosome disorder which has resulted in life-long medical, physical and developmental challenges.  She receives numerous supportive services and relies on a wheelchair for mobility.  She spends time each week in her stander, a swing and a scooter seat to help her build muscles and increase mobility.

This beautiful young lady needs a family willing to learn about her challenges and work alongside her medical team to help her stretch her muscles, feed her through her G-Tube and assure all of her needs are met.  More importantly, however, she simply needs a family….people to welcome her home and be there to celebrate her physical and developmental progress, watch "Frozen" with her and read storybooks to her.

Parenting Taina will no-doubt bring both challenges and joy; however, she is deserving of an environment only found outside the walls of a hospital or a group home setting.  She deserves to live with a loving and supportive family where she can experience a sense of belonging for her lifetime.

For information about Taina contact:  Adam Liebowitz 860-550-6410 or adam.liebowitz@ct.gov



DamaniAs a very active 14 year old boy, Damani enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike, dancing and swimming.  He is a handsome young man of African American descent with a bright smile and big brown eyes which are always looking toward growing up and being a member of a family.

As a typical adolescent, Damani will spend his time listening to music and spending individual time with his mentor doing fun things.  He attends church every Sunday where he enjoys participating in the church programs and hanging out having dinner, or going out to the movies, are activities Damani wishes to share with a family where he can be the youngest; or only, child.  A two parent household, or a single dad, would be the ideal match for Damani.


Given his trauma history as a child, this young man has difficulty trusting people when he first meets them.  He can appear shy and does not make eye contact.  However, when he becomes comfortable with a person, he becomes much more relaxed and engaged in conversation and lets his true personality come forward.  He has been learning to control his emotions and social anxieties by using his coping skills, and with positive reinforcement and encouragement he continues to make improvements.


Now that he nears the end of his 7th grade school year, Damani’s teachers and support staff state he is a leader and role model to other students and he is generally happy at school.  He can have both good and bad days however, he often has a very positive attitude.  The school has noted his intellectual disabilities affect his overall ability to retain or process information, yet with support, encouragement, and frequent reminders he continues to make improvements.  He specifically enjoys math, has excellent money skills and works hard in class. 


Socially, Damani works hard on ignoring and not engaging in matters which do not involve him and he also works on taking responsibility for his actions.  He possesses some basic life skills such as cleaning and organizing his bedroom, doing his own laundry and taking out the trash and with reminders or reinforcement, he has the capability to make progress. 


Belonging to a family who will love him unconditionally and will not give up on him despite his some of his challenges is a lifelong dream for Damani.  He deserves a loving family by his side. 


For more information about Damani contact:  Sone Phrommavanh 860-723-7255 or soneprasit.phrommavanh@ct.gov



Jay'VionThis precious little man turned six in July; and he is in need of an adoptive family who will help him celebrate!  Jay’Vion is a handsome and sweet boy who is of African American and Hispanic descent.  Although he is just a little guy, he has some big feelings for which he needs the right family to help him sort them out. 


Although he can be a very endearing and loving child, due to trauma he has endured as well as multiple moves within the foster care system, Jay’Vion struggles in identifying his feelings and expressing his emotions in a healthy way.  He can be physically aggressive and impulsive; so a patient and consistent parenting style would best suit his needs.  Transitions are hard for him so he works well with a predictable routine.  Clinical supports, along with a mentor, are just some of the resources Jay’Vion has to help him navigate the world around him.  When calm, he understands right from wrong and good versus misbehavior.  His little body tries to make good decisions and when he has really good days, he knows it, and is happy.


Jay’Vion has a great imagination and loves to use his creativity while he plays with his toys.  He loves to be inside watching ‘PJ Masks’ just as much as he likes to be outside playing and expending some energy!  He is a kindergarten student who receives supports in school to help him reach his fullest potential.  Close family-school communication is important in fostering seamless transitions as well as to provide consistent expectations for him. 


Jay’Vion needs a very special family who is willing to learn how to best parent him and help him overcome some emotional obstacles.  He has had a pretty rough start but with the right family by his side, he has great potential for his future. 


For information about Jay’Vion contact: Sandra Tapia-Arcos at email: sandra.tapia-arcos@ct.gov


WilfredoMeet Wilfredo, an amazingly resilient young man of 15 years who is an insightful and curious person with a kind heart and a strong work ethic.  His technical mind leads him to a desire to attend a Technical School and become an IT Specialist in his adult life.

When describing a family, some things of interest to Wilfredo would be for him to be a part of a sibling set.  Having older and younger brothers would be great fun for him.  Wilfredo has a great sense of humor and would love for his family to share this trait with him.  He longs to feel safe in his community and does not wish to be placed in an inner-city environment.  This affirming and accepting young man is open to families of all ethnicities, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.  He does not want to be forced to have to go to church, but is respectful of this desire for others.  He is willing to live in any state, and of course would love a home where there is “a man cave!”

As when parenting any adolescent on the brink of young adulthood, Wilfredo needs a family who will provide consistency and structure while also allowing him the general freedom he requires to become a successful young man.  He needs fair and honest consequences, as well as appropriate adult role modeling, to help him overcome challenging behaviors or moments of frustration.  He is innovative and resourceful and has the ability to understand that rules and boundaries are in place to keep him safe. 

Maintaining contact with his biological sister is crucially important to Wilfredo and will need to be supported by his family.  He has lost connections with many of his other family members and he sometimes prefers solitude, rather than talking, to deal with his feelings.  Once he has received some space, he is able to talk and can glean insight into his emotions and feelings. 

Of utmost importance to Wilfredo is showing the world the amazing young adult he is truly capable of becoming. 

For information about Wilfredo contact:  Alexandria Ingleton   alexandria.ingleton@klingberg.com


MargieThis amazingly resilient and friendly young lady states her ideal family is “one who loves the Lord and cares about all people.”  16 year old Margie loves gospel music and attends church weekly as a devout Christian.  She has strong ties to her Church family, as well as some biological relatives, and maintaining these relationships after adoption will be vitally important for her.  She loves to be the center of attention and would thrive with older siblings who will provide her with love and affection. 

A teen with endless energy; who is sociable, talkative and engaging, are just a few ways to describe Margie.  Despite the emotional losses she has experienced, as well as the many significant medical challenges she currently endures, Margie’s resiliency shines through her personality. 

Developmentally, Margie presents at a nine year old’s level as she is diagnosed with multiple disabilities including Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.  She requires the use of a wheelchair, however, she can walk using a walker with supports and takes pride in being independent when making her bed, doing her laundry and practicing self-care.  While many of her medical issues are manageable, Margie still requires a caring and patient family willing to attend her frequent doctor follow-up visits.  She will only continue to thrive with a supportive family by her side to cheer her on and help her continue to grow her independence.  

When frustrated, Margie continues to need help learning ways to express her emotions in a healthy and safe manner.  She is content to be around people, has a love for stuffed animals and engaging in visual activities. 

Margie longs to share her infectious smile with a family able to provide her with the love and affection she so deserves.

For information about Margie contact: Stephanie Frascadore Stephanie.Frascadore@klingberg.com


EddyThis 10 year old young man could potentially be a great architect someday!  Eddy loves to do puzzles; build creations out of Legos and folding paper airplanes.  As with most young boys, he loves to be outside riding his bike and being physically active.  He can be sociable; enjoying one to one time with others, or go off on his own and play independently.  He often wants to share with others and shows compassion, however due to his history of adverse life experiences, at times his behaviors get the best of him and they can pose a challenge to those with whom he resides. 

Because of some life circumstances which have had a negative impact on Eddy, we are seeking an adoptive family who has had some experience working with children who have endured trauma.  Eddy is a sweet and engaging child who struggles with managing all of the big emotions surrounding his young life, and he craves and deserves a secure and loving family where he can believe in his future.   

Caring for animals; especially dogs, is a true gift for Eddy.  He does very well with them; and both offers and accepts, the unconditional love an animal can provide.  This comfort was especially useful to him when he was deeply impacted by the death of his mother; and he continues to grieve her loss.

Eddy will enter the 4th grade soon where he will continue to receive special education supports.  He continually works on reducing his negative behaviors in school and has been able to ask to take some space, fix his mistakes and identify his emotions leading up to behaviors.  On-going clinical supports for both Eddy and his family will help blend the family unit.

This smart, affectionate and deserving little boy needs a family by his side to help him stabilize and grow.  He eagerly awaits the opportunity to build a relationship with a family with whom he can develop security and belonging; and where he can grow into a healthy and happy young adult.

For information about Eddy contact:  Jane Pertillar jane.pertillar@ct.gov


Watch a slideshow of Tegan

Photo of TeganThis very special nine year old little boy is in need of a family who will love him unconditionally while attending to his special needs.  A one or two parent family versed in the needs of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, will be rewarded by Teagan’s sweet smile and happy disposition.  Although he has some very specific and unique challenges, with the right family, he can thrive and blossom.

Described as a daytime “rabbit,” Teagan is an energetic little guy who has a hard time sitting still.  He likes to be active and can be impulsive, so holding his hands and keeping him close allow him to engage with the world around him in a safe manner.  Even though he is non-verbal, Teagan can communicate with sign language and can make his needs known by using some sound vocalizations.  Engaging in face-to-face communication enables him, and his caregivers, to have successful interaction.  Teagan understands what is being said to him and he enjoys watching TV and smiling and moving to the sound of music.

In time, Teagan may have the opportunity to engage in activities such as riding a bike, playing with age appropriate toys and independently playing outside.  However, for the time being, Teagan’s inability to assess safety requires constant supervision and attention.  He responds well to consistency and nurturance and his behaviors are not an intentional means to disobey, rather, a consequence of his cognitive limitations. 

While receiving educational and clinical supports, Teagan will be transitioning to a therapeutic school where his education will be enriched and his social development enhanced. He tends to struggle with paying attention and understanding certain concepts, but he enjoys the interactions with his teachers and friends.  Teagan has special transportation accommodations to keep him safe while riding on the bus. 

Therapeutic connections will remain in place to help Teagan and his family with a successful transition; and working collaboratively with helping professionals will be crucial to a family’s success.  Although parenting him may present with some challenges, the rewards of seeing Teagan progress and thrive into the special young man he will become, are many. 

For information about Teagan contact Nickisha Newell: nickisha.newell@klingberg.com


ChristianChristian is a lovable and caring 14 year old boy who would like nothing more than to be part of a family.  Despite the significant trauma and tragedies he has experienced in his short life, he is still willing to open his heart to others.  He is eager to join a family who will love him unconditionally and one whom will accept a higher level of training to help him continue on his path to becoming a successful young man.

Christian is friendly and engages with adults and friends easily.  He is described as being helpful and he enjoys playing the piano, video games and being active outside.  He has a good sense of humor, enjoys sarcasm and likes to laugh. Christian is curious and enjoys “tinkering” with electronics, taking things apart to see how they work.  He enjoys building and fixing things. 

Due to events in his life, which have been beyond his control, Christian needs a family with dual parents and no other children; or significantly older siblings who could be positive role models for him.  At times, Christian struggles with understanding his past, which prevents him from having insight into how best to manage his negative behaviors.  Therapeutic supports will remain in place to help him and his family with a successful transition.  

With educational and clinical supports in place in school, Christian has now entered the 7th grade.  He attends an alternative educational setting where he is an average student.  He tends to struggle with completing homework and staying on task, but he works hard when he feels supported; and has also enjoyed attending a therapeutic after school & summer camp. 

Although Christian has faced many challenges, there is much hope for his future.  He needs a family who can walk beside him and help him maintain that hope through his lifetime journey. Working collaboratively with helping professionals will be crucial to a family’s success, and will entail much time on the part of caregivers.  Christian asks an adoptive family be found for him, and he yearns for the unconditional love only a family can provide.           

For information about Christian contact: Adam Liebowitz 860-550-6410 or  adam.liebowitz@ct.gov


Watch a video of Luis

LuisThis shy 14 year old young man has an amazingly resilient personality and he is looking forward to sharing his sense of humor and love of adventure with a family.  He is a curious, creative, and resourceful adolescent who is described as polite and sociable. 

As with most young men his age, Luis enjoys playing sports, riding bicycles, playing video games, fishing, drawing and playing with Legos.  He especially enjoys building forts and playing on the adventure course in the woods.  He has quite the green thumb and loves to be outside working in the garden.  If he had his way, he would be out exploring nature all day long!

Because Luis has many strong biological family connections, which are crucially important to him, he needs a family who will respect and honor these relationships.  Due to experiences from his past, Luis is a cautious young man who is slow to allow himself to trust others.  A family will need to allow him the space he requires to feel comfortable and secure; and must assuredly need to be straightforward and honest with him. 

Being actively engaged with clinical supports has helped Luis make tremendous progress in understanding his life situation and increasing efforts to improve himself.  He is highly motivated to continue on his path of better controlling his impulses, following directions and creating safe and meaningful relationships. Although at times he may have a verbal outburst of frustration or anger, he has been diligently trying to learn ways to process a conflict, or seek a positive resolution, rather than shutting down or overacting.

Academics are an occasional struggle for Luis, but supports within his school and from his family will help him achieve his goals.  When focused, he is a hard worker who is well organized and completes his work.

This young man wants to belong to a family through adoption.  He is open to any parent who will support him and make him feel safe in the knowledge they are committed to him unconditionally.  He has much to offer a family in return!

For information about Luis contact:  Alexandria Ingleton alexandria.ingleton@klingberg.com




This 16 year old young lady has aspirations to grow up to be a defense attorney and she would love to have a family by her side while she grows and matures into young adulthood.  Misaelyz, or Missy as she is affectionately known, can understand some Spanish but English is her primary language.


Because she has been disappointed by some adults in her life, Missy has experienced intense feelings of sadness and abandonment.  She works very hard in her clinical setting to face some of her past trauma and she deserves a patient and understanding family who will support her has she overcomes her emotional challenges.  Missy longs for a family to stick with her while she works on understanding her life and learns positive ways to think and react to her surroundings.  Although she can appear reluctant at first, Missy quickly warms up when she can trust the other person will be non-judgmental and kind.  Receiving social supports in school have helped Missy succeed in her sophomore year of high school.

When thinking about the family she’d like to join, Missy expresses she would love to be the oldest child parented by two loving and caring parents.  She loves pets and would be happy living in the suburbs; away from the city.  Missy enjoys writing poetry and journaling and like many girls her age, she is interested in fashion and shopping.   

This sweet young lady deserves a very specific family who will allow her the time she needs to heal from her past emotional pain while helping her become a vital member within the family unit.  She deserves to be loved and she has much love to give in return. 

For information about Missy contact:  Alexandria Ingleton alexandria.ingleton@klingberg.com


Watch a video of Ghabil
Watch a Slideshow of Ghabil

"Ghabil"Taking long walks, running, playing with toys which have sound or music and staying physically active are some of the things 13 year old Christopher; or Ghabil as he is known, would like to share with a family. Patient parents with a willingness to learn about autism will be the best match for him. 


Although he is non-verbal, Ghabil’s strengths lie in his ability to use sign language to communicate.  In addition to sign language, he also understands Spanish and English.  He has some language skills to include words such as “hi, ball, water” and “blue” and he continues to work with his providers to increase his ability to mimic words and express his needs. He loves to have books read to him where he can follow along and point to pictures in the story. A clinical, year-round educational setting helps Ghabil make progress in his school work as well as socialization.  His teachers and support staff all truly love him and reflect he has great potential if he joins ‘just the right’ family. 


Going out in the community to visit places such as the park or shopping malls; as well as going to the movies, are other activities Ghabil enjoys. His specialized needs require 100% supervision at all times.  His family will learn ways to help him with transition to reduce his anxiety while also educating them in regard to how to respond to possible behavioral outbursts. With assistance, Ghabil has been learning how to accomplish daily self-care skills such as washing his hands and eating independently.


Careful consideration needs to be made when sharing new experiences with Ghabil.  Due to a significant sensory sensitivity, at times it may be difficult to predict how he will react to his surroundings. New or unknown opportunities may find him curious to explore, or they could increase his anxiety, rendering him likely to become stressed and engage in negative behaviors. Proactive techniques such as a structured daily schedule with built-in breaks, as well as positive reinforcement when he completes an activity, allow Ghabil to be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment. 


Parenting Ghabil will bring both challenges and joys and ongoing contact with his biological grandmother will bring him happiness.  His family will receive extra training and in-home supports to make family life successful, but having innate characteristics such as being calm, patient and organized will be key to a successful match for him. 


For information about Ghabil contact:  William Larson William.larson@klingberg.com


Photographed by:  Patty Swanson - Certified Professional Photographer ( 2017 CTPPA Award of Excellence;  2014-15 March of Dimes' Mission Triangle Award;  2012-2013 2x Connecticut Photographer of the Year, Creative and Art/Electronic Imaging.)  www.pattyswanson.com and www.facebook.com/pattyswansonphotography



CharliseWatch a video of Charlise

Meet 13 year old Charlise, a beautiful young lady who is seeking a very specific family to claim as her own.  While most girls of this age have only had to worry about things such as school, friends and clothing, Charlise has experienced much loss and trauma in her life and she needs a patient and loving family to help her get back to “typical” childhood experiences. 

Having a sister close in age to her and a family of non-Caucasian decent is extremely important to Charlise.  Additionally she would love to have a large home and a dog.  When discussing qualities a family should have in order to effectively parent her, a former caregiver recommends a great sense of humor!   

Charlise presents as much older than her years and she has a strong minded personality.  She uses negative verbalizations as a defense mechanism when she feels challenged and she would benefit residing in a family with experienced parents who are willing to see past her gruff exterior.  Therapeutic supports and enhanced training will be a part of the transition plan for Charlise and her family. 

Academically Charlise is bright and intelligent.  She is creative and has excellent writing skills; but tends to not like math.  She struggles with social skills and her behaviors will interfere with her ability to learn however, supports are in place to aid her in school. 

Charlise is a typical child who enjoys bike riding, reading and playing video games.  She will bring both challenges and joy to parenting and with patience and perseverance she will be a loving addition to the right family. 

For information about Charlise: Stephanie Frascadore: stephanie.frascadore@klingberg.com


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DavidBeing a “country boy” at heart, 16 year old David loves to listen to country music; especially any song by Blake Shelton!  Other favorites he equally loves to hear are ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Old McDonald had a Farm.’  Music relaxes David and his happy disposition is 

evident when he is most often found smiling and laughing with people around him.             

After being born premature and experiencing a lack of oxygen to his brain, David has some significant medical challenges for which he receives numerous supportive services.  An ideal family for David will have two organized parents with a flexible schedule to accommodate his in-home providers. 

He thoroughly enjoys music and water therapy and although he is non-verbal, he is able to make some sounds to make his needs known.  Specialized care for David includes helping him make improvements everyday in his overall functioning.  He uses a modified spoon and bowl to become more independent in his feeding and, with supervision, he is able to learn adaptive ways to be successful. 

A single story home would be a good fit for David as using the stairs continues to be a struggle for him due to some visual limitations.  Once he is comfortable in his surroundings he can move with ease. 

David has a sweet and inquisitive disposition and he easily forms loving relationships with his caregivers. He loves to hold hands and take walks and some of his favorite school field trips include going to the zoo, bowling or spending the day at the beach. Visiting with his grandmother is a special time for David and he beams with happiness when he sees her or hears her voice.  His family will need to continue to support this relationship. 

Although his group home caregivers will be sad to see this special young man leave, David is ready to join a family!

For information about David contact:  Denise Lopez 1-860-937-8912  or denise.lopez@ct.gov