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Issued by Governor Lamont

March 31, 2020: Executive Order No. 7R

  • Continuation of funding for boards of education
  • Continuation of payment of public school staff
  • Preservation of student transportation services and special education providers
  • Restrictions on entrance to state parks, forests, and other lands
  • Curbside pickup of alcoholic beverages permitted

March 30, 2020: Executive Order No. 7Q

  • Requirement of limited group sizes in childcare
  • Enhancement of health procedures for all operating childcare programs
  • Authorization of remote notarization

March 28, 2020: Executive Order No. 7P

  • Authorization to provide for non-congregant housing for persons at risk

March 27, 2020: Executive Order No. 7O

  • Suspension of license renewals and inspections by DPH
  • Modification of health care provider identification badge requirements
  • Waiver of registration requirement for alcohol-based hand sanitizers and medical devices
  • Waiver of Birth-to-Three family cost participation fees

March 26, 2020: Executive Order No. 7N

  • Further reduction of social and recreational gatherings to 5 people
  • Restrictions on restaurant payment and pickup operations
  • Further restrictions on retail operations
  • Requirement of firearms transactions by appointment only
  • Suspension of tax on single-use checkout bags
  • Prohibition of employers from requiring employees to place items in customers' reusable bags
  • Suspension of 21-month limit on Temporary Family Assistance
  • Suspension of school testing assessments for 2019-20 school year

March 25, 2020: Executive Order No. 7M

  • Tolling of time periods for DOT final determinations on permits
  • Suspension of mandatory statutory filing requirements for FOIA appeals and decisions
  • Authorization of state agencies to extend statutory regulatory administrative deadlines by 90 days

March 24, 2020: Executive Order No. 7L

  • Extension of class cancellations at all public schools to April 20
  • Early opening of fishing season
  • Suspension of restrictions on reemployment of municipal retirees
  • Flexibility to maintain adequate medical marijuana access for patients
  • Extension of time period for nursing home transfers
  • Modification of the duties of registrars of vital records
  • Modification of in-person purchase of and access to copies of vital records
  • Modification of marriage license requirements

March 23, 2020: Executive Order No. 7K

  • Suspension of non-critical probate court operations
  • Suspension of non-critical Workers' Compensation Commission operations
  • Authorization of remote notarization
  • Modification of DPH regulatory requirements
  • Suspension of national criminal history records checks for long-term care providers

March 22, 2020: Executive Order No. 7J

  • Clarification of "Stay Safe, Stay Home" Executive Order No. 7H regarding nonessential business operations
  • Extension of time period for fire service personnel examinations
  • Delivery of methadone to homebound patients by methadone maintenance clinics
  • Suspension of rehiring procedures and restrictions on temporary worker retirees
  • Modification of real property statutes to facilitate leasing, repairs, alterations and use of real property
  • Modification of state contracting statutes to facilitate leasing, repairs, alterations, and use of real property

March 21, 2020: Executive Order No. 7I

  • Modifications to DSS benefits                 
  • Flexibility related to the Student Data Privacy Act
  • Modifications related to DCF
  • Modifications to DCP regulations regarding pharmacies  
  • Suspension of in-person shareholder meeting requirements
  • Procedural relief for municipalities                 

March 20, 2020: Executive Order No. 7H

  • "Stay Safe, Stay Home" restrictions on all workplaces for non-essential business
  • Requirement of a coordinated effort between the State of Connecticut and its municipalities

March 19, 2020: Executive Order No. 7G

  • Postponement of presidential primary to June 2
  • Suspension of non-critical court operations and associated requirements
  • Permits certain restaurants and other eating establishments to sell alcohol with take-out food orders under certain conditions
  • Flexibility for Medicaid-enrolled providers and in-network providers for commercial fully insured health insurance to perform telehealth through additional methods
  • Temporary suspension of in-person investigative visits regarding reports of elder abuse
  • Extension of time for disclosure of investigation results

March 18, 2020: Executive Order No. 7F

  • Closure of large, indoor shopping malls
  • Closure of places of public amusement
  • Expansion of Medicaid telehealth coverage to audio-only telephone
  • Waiver of in-person service, gearing, and screening requirements for facilities that have issued orders limiting visitor access
  • Continuation of classes and programming at certain schools operated within DOC, DCF, and DMHAS

March 17, 2020: Executive Order No. 7E

  • Further modification of 180-day school year requirement
  • Suspension of required fingerprinting availability at police departments
  • Extension of time period for DESPP permits
  • Suspension of the immediate recoupment of DSS public assistance benefit overpayments
  • Suspension of in-person hearing attendance at DSS fair hearings

March 16, 2020: Executive Order No. 7D

  • Further reduction of social and recreational gatherings to 50 people
  • Limits restaurant, bar, and private club operations to off-premise consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Closure of off-track betting facility operations
  • Closure of gym, sports, fitness, recreation facilities, and movie theaters

March 15, 2020: Executive Order No. 7C

  • Cancellation of classes at all public schools
  • Flexibility of graduation requirements and prescribed courses of study
  • Flexibility for educator prep programs
  • Flexibility for educator certification timelines, educator evaluations, and school in-services
  • Extension of municipal budget adoption deadlines
  • Extension of regional board of education budget adoption deadlines
  • Remote conduct of DMV operations
  • Limits on visitors to facilities that treat persons with psychiatric disabilities
  • Limits on visitors to the Southbury Training School
  • COVID-19 information sharing between facilities that treat persons with psychiatric disabilities, DPH, and local health directors

March 14, 2020: Executive Order No. 7B

  • Suspension of in-person open meeting requirements
  • Waiver of manufacturer registration requirement for hand sanitizer
  • Suspension of garbing Requirements for non-hazardous compounding of sterile pharmaceuticals
  • Refunds certain liquor license application fees permissible
  • Waiver of face-to-face interview requirements for Temporary Family Assistance
  • Flexibility to maintain adequate childcare resources
  • Flexibility to provide for adequate healthcare resources and facilities

March 13, 2020: Executive Order No. 7A

  • Grants DPH commissioner authority to restrict visitors at nursing homes and similar facilities

March 12, 2020: Executive Order No. 7

  • Prohibition of social and recreational gatherings to 250 people
  • Limits on nursing home visitors
  • Modification of 180-day school year requirement
  • Extension of DMV licensing renewal deadlines and suspension of other DMV requirements
  • Modification of Police Academy attendance requirements
March 10, 2020: Declaration of Civil Preparedness and Public Health Emergencies


Issued by Department of Public Health

March 30, 2020: Order on suspending the need for any licensee to renew their license or pay renewal fees during the pandemic
March 30, 2020: Order on vital statistics offices reporting deaths
March 28, 2020: Order on the movement of people experiencing homelessness from congregate shelters to alternative housing
March 23, 2020: Order allowing out-of-state practitioners to render temporary assistance in Connecticut
March 18, 2020: Order changing the list of reportable laboratory findings
March 13, 2020: Order to nursing home facilities, residential care homes, and chronic disease hospitals implementing 30-day visitor restrictions
March 9, 2020: Memo issued to nursing and convalescent homes on visitor restrictions


Issued by Department of Consumer Protection

March 19, 2020: Implementation order: Limits on restaurant, bar, private club operations and other permit types
March 16, 2020: Implementation order: Procedure for refunds of temporary liquor permits for cancelled events 
March 15, 2020: Implementation order permitting pharmacies to compound and sell hand sanitizer


Issued by Insurance Department

March 26, 2020: Bulletin to all companies licensed to write auto/motorcycle liability insurance on extension of coverage for personal delivery drivers
March 24, 2020: Bulletin to insurance companies, health care centers, and fraternal benefit societies on compliance with certain filing requirements in light of COVID-19
March 24, 2020: Bulletin to all insurance companies on a 60-day grace period for insurance premium payments due to the disruption caused by COVID-19
March 11, 2020: Notice to all travelers and travel insurance carriers on COVID-19 emergency declaration
March 9, 2020: Bulletin to all health insurance companies and health care centers on COVID-19 testing


Issued by Office of Health Strategy

March 31, 2020: Revised Guidance Regarding the Temporary Waiver of CON Requirements for Approval of Increased Licensed Bed Capacity and the Temporary Suspension of Services at Connecticut Hospitals

March 25, 2020: Guidance Regarding the Temporary Waiver of CON Requirements for Approval of Increased Licensed Bed Capacity and the Temporary Suspension of Services at Connecticut Hospitals
March 16, 2020: Guidance regarding the Certificate of Need process and the state's response to COVID-19


Issued by Department of Motor Vehicles

March 20, 2020: Notice and order of extension or waiver of motor vehicle registrations and other transactions
March 13, 2020: Notice of waiver of certain federal motor carrier safety regulations
March 12, 2020: Notice of extension of expiration date or period of validity of licenses, permits and ID cards
March 12, 2020: Notice of Waiver for International Registration Plan Requirements (IRP) for Connecticut


Issued by Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

March 12, 2020: Docket No. 20-03-15 – Emergency Petition of William Tong, Attorney General for the State of Connecticut for a Proceeding to Establish a State of Emergency Utility Shut-off Moratorium


Issued by Department of Revenue Services

March 20, 2020: DRS extends filing and payment deadlines for personal income tax returns to July 15, 2020
March 15, 2020: DRS Extends Filing Deadline for Certain Annual State Business Tax Returns


Issued by Department of Transportation

March 23, 2020: Emergency declaration regarding vehicles carrying divisible loads