Can I receive telehealth services from a practitioner who is based out of state?

NOTE: Use of telehealth services is currently extended to June, 2023.

The extended telehealth services will ensure people can keep in touch with their doctor more easily, using videoconferencing technology and telephones, without the need to meet in person. The two-year extension will:

  • Allow providers and licensed professions to provide telehealth services, including dentists, physical therapist assistance, physician assistance, behavioral analysists, music therapists, art therapists, and occupational therapy assistants
  • Allow the use of audio-only telehealth services with no video required
  • Permit licensed healthcare providers in other states to provide telehealth services to Connecticut residents under any relevant order issued by the Commissioner of Public Health

Section 5(b) of Executive Order 7G allows a clinician licensed in another state to treat someone in CT through telehealth without getting a license in CT. However, please check with your insurance carrier to understand whether an out of state telehealth provider will be covered.