What is the Current Quarantine Guidance During COVID-19

What Should I Do If I've Been Exposed To Someone With COVID-19?

If you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and you are vaccinated (you’ve completed your first series of Pfizer or Moderna within the last 6 months, or Johnson and Johnson within the last 2 months, or have received a booster shot after completing the first series):

  • You do not have to quarantine or self-isolate, but you should wear a mask around other people and animals for 5 days.

If you've been exposed to someone with COVID-19, and you're unvaccinated, or have not received your booster after completing your first series of shots (more than 6 months following Pfizer or Moderna shots, or 2 months after Johnson and Johnson):

  • Quarantine for 5 days and observe for new symptoms daily.  
  • After 5 days, you must note any symptoms and take a COVID-19 test.
  • If you test positive, isolate for a further 5 days and continue to observe any symptoms
    - if you do NOT have symptoms, wear a mask for another 5 days but continue to observe for symptoms. If symptoms develop, you must isolate until they resolve (i.e. check again to see if they improve by the fifth day)
    - If you DO have symptoms, isolate at home until your symptoms are gone. Check with your doctor for help.
  • If you test negative, wear a mask around other people and animals while at home for 5 days. You may still be carrying the virus despite the negative test, so a mask will prevent spreading it to others.

If you were exposed and develop symptoms during quarantine:

  • Get tested immediately.
  • Take note of the type of symptoms you have. Seek emergency help right away if you have trouble breathing, experience chest pain/pressure or if your skin color changes. Most people with common COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. non-emergency symptoms) can recover at home without medical care. However, you should still have your doctor check your symptoms.
  • Wait until 5 days from the onset of your symptoms. Check if your symptoms improve. This includes being fever-free for at least 24 hours without help from medications.

    For more information please visit the CDC Quarantine and Isolation page


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